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  • Initially we will talk about strengths.
  • For example, suppose an individual explains his strengths as Go getter, friendly, pro active, smart worker, result oriented, quick learner and versatile.
  • We will discuss these one by one and explain how cross questioning is done on these by interviewer.
  • The interviewer may pick up one of the strengths like versatile and ask you to quote an example where you displayed versatility.
  • Silly examples should not be quoted for any of the strengths. For example, once a fresher candidate for a job was asked to quote example on the strength he told as courageous.
  • He told that once he went to medical shop at 3 AM to buy Odomos because mosquitoes were disturbing him while he was studying for the exam. He was cross questioned by interviewer about why he didn’t inform the parents about this and
    did he lock the door while going outside.
  • He just closed the door and didn’t lock it properly and risked the life of whole family members. According to interviewers he
    was not an eligible candidate as he may risk the security at company at any point of time
  • According to interview panel the candidate was not serious about the selection process. So, conclusion is whenever you are planning to quote any of such examples for your strengths in interviews first discuss it with your friends. While discussing
    your friends might suggest you not to use it.
  • Suppose, for strength Proactiveness you can say that you always keep your manager in the mail chain whenever you had any conversation with team members.
  • Interviewers are always ready to catch you on the words you say for strengths. For example, if you say you are adaptable to
    different working environments and different teams. Then questions will be raised regarding your integrity for
    the work. They will judge you by asking counter questions and how you answer them.

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