Well we know why you're here. This is the perfect time to order that i20 and start gathering all the documents you will need for your F1 visa interview.

But Before that if you are yet to give GRE, TOEFL and looking for preparation tips or Want to know about how to create financial letter? or Want to know about the life of an MS aspirant waiting for decisions than please read our earlier articles that are mentioned below :-

So here's what you will need:

Tip: Divide your documents in various slots inside a folder bag according to relevancy.

Set 1: 

  • Passport
  • I-20 Form
  • SEVIS fee receipt, Visa fee receipt
  • Interview appointment letter

Set 2:

  • Statement of liquid and fixed assets (This is a consolidated statement you will make listing all your financial resources. I some resource is not mentioned by you, skip their required documents from the below list.)
  • All passbooks or bank statements of savings accounts
  • Original FD receipts
  • Postal savings passbooks
  • PPF passbook

Set 3:

  • PF statement received from the employer
  • Mutual funds statements
  • DEMAT account printouts of your share holdings
  • NSC, company deposit receipts, etc.

Set 4:

  • IT returns of the sponsor for last three years(original copies)

Set 5:

  • Original GRE and TOEFL score reports

Set 6:

  • Original mark lists and degree certificates
  • Copy of transcripts

Set 7:

  • I-20/admit letters received from other universities
  • Rejection letters received from universities

Set 8:

  • Sponsor's certificate

Set 9:

  • Documents related to fixed assets(optional)

That is all you need.

Stay tuned for articles on filling DS-160 and Visa appointment forms!

If you want to add more comments to the article or you see any thing incorrect please write a comment below and we will surely get back to you.

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