There are many ways in which a world can end. Let us discuss about the top 10 ways.

10.  Asteroid Impact
We all know that before human race, dinosaurs were the dominating species on this Earth. Due to an asteroid which had hit our Earth at Mexico, dinosaurs and 70 percent of its species became extinct. This happens for every 2,50,0000 years that an asteroid with a half mile diameter would hit our Earth.
If an asteroid with 5 miles diameter will hit our Earth, each and every living being on this Earth would become extinct.

9.  Ecosystem Collapse
Every ear 30,000 species of creatures become extinct due to human activities.Our eco-system has a proper balanced food chain and If any species which plays a major role in the food chain gets extinct, the food chain will get effected badly. For example, 84 percent of food crops are produced by the process of pollination by honey bees. However, now the honey bees are becoming extinct day-by-day. Just imagine if honey bees which plays a vital role become extinct, we have to face so much of food crisis. We all will then face this major effect.

8.  Black Hole
There are 1 crore black holes in our universe. Due to high gravitational force of these black holes, they consume giant planets.The black hole doesn't even need to come near to our Earth to consume it. By just passing by its side, it can change the orbit of our Earth.
If that would happen, we would be smashed or else we may freeze like ice. Large Hadron Collider machine is getting ready for an experiment, if the experiment fail by any chance, it would lead to the formation of a black hole. Then, we would our self be the creater of a black hole.

7.  Aliens
Till now many theories confirmed the presence of aliens. If aliens approach our planet to utilize our resources and if we would try to stop them, they would vanish us with their advanced technology. Even if they come to us for a friendly visit, the outer space germs being resistant on the body of aliens, may affect and destroy us.

6.  Biotech Disaster
During 14th century, one of four Europeans died due to plague. In 1918, influenza virus killed 2 crore people. During last decade, four virus like SARS, HIV, Cholera and Ebola had an outbreak. What the problem we have is the repeated usage of antibiotics, which is causing an increase in resistance capacity of many germs. Due to globalization their transmission is also very fast.

Naturally formed virus is on one side and some of the terrorist organizations are producing bio-technology improved lethal virus they are on the other side. They also called them as bio-weapons. The phenomenon which we saw in Zombie movies is very near to us.

5.  Solar Storm
Sometimes due to explosion on the surface of sun high intensity solar flames are formed. High heat produced at that time will spread all over the solar system in the form of wave and if that wave strikes our Earth we cannot stand the heat. This phenomenon took place recently in 2012 but luckily that wave passed by our Earth without striking.

4.  Artificial Intelligence
If we calculate the speed of our technology development within 30 years, artificial intelligence would dominate our human intelligence. If it keep on happening like this, even robots will have feelings. Then will they obey our words? Just imagine. How it would be, if robots equipped with dangerous weapons roam around us?

3.  Super Nova
If any star in our universe explodes, it would emit gamma rays with high electromagnetic radiation. The intensity of that radiation is too high. If that explosion even takes place at a distance of 30 light years from our Earth, none of the creature will survive on our Earth.
The reason being that the radiations would destroy the Ozone layer surrounding our Earth will not be able to bear that heat and we would become a fried meat.

2.  Nuclear War 

At present 9 countries have 15,000 nuclear weapons throughout the world. If any country would even launch a nuclear weapon accidentally, within few seconds the remaining countries will launch their nuclear weapons and within few seconds our world will get vanished.

1.  Super Volcano 
There are more than 1,500 volcano's in our world, Among them only four are called super volcano. Super volcanos are 1,000 times powerful than normal volcanos. If these super volcano erupt, it would kill 1,00,000 people within few seconds. Dust from that volcano would spread over 1000s of kilometers in the sky and obstruct the sun rays from reaching the Earth.
What would happen to the Earth without Sun? It would decay! 

This super volcano theory has a good as well as a bad reality. Super volcano erupts only once for every 6,00,000 years, However, already 6,40,000 years have passed from the previous eruption of yellow stone super volcano in America. Scientist have discovered that super volcanos are more active from the last 10 years. So, the next eruption of the volcano is a big suspense.

All these theories suggest that we cannot predict when the life will end. So in your short life span, enjoy each and every day and live life to the full extent.

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