As a parent it is our responsibility in explaining the significance and deeper meaning of each festival to the children, if we fail to so do,  kids will fall into the trap of commercialisation and will follow rituals/traditions blindly. The rituals are a concrete way of experiencing an abstract concept. It is not just about the rituals we follow, but also the history and the values associated with each festival has to pass down to the generations.

For example, Diwali is approaching really soon this year, which is a festival of joy, and fun. A few days back my younger one was asking a lot of questions about Diwali. And I was thinking to myself “ Isn’t it necessary to teach our kids the actual story behind the festivals?” My Older Kid might know some of it but it’s always better to explain the relevance to the growing kids.

Here is a list of few questions which can help you to get an idea on how to explain it to kids.

  • Why do we decorate our house with lights/ Diyas on Diwali?

Diwali celebration is associated with the returning back of Lord Rama to his home after 14 years of vanvas.  So the whole  empire of Ayodhya celebrated it with great  pomp and show by lightening diyas, symbolizing happiness. Lights and diyas are a way to welcome everyone. 

  • Why do we clean the house on Diwali?

Whenever  some guests are expected at our home, we clean our house like wise we are cleaning to welcome Goddess Lakshmi on the eve of Diwali, so we make sure to keep our home dust free and let every bad elements go away to make  a fresh start.

  • What does exchange of gifts symbolize on Diwali?

  We exchange gifts to show our family and friends  that we care for them and love them. I have started exchanging gifts among the  friends of kids too, so that they should realise that they are also growing and becoming the part of celebration just like adults.

  • What do we burst crackers on Diwali? 

After vanquishing of Ravana by Lord Rama depicting “burayi pe achaai ke jeet”. So is the reason of bursting crackers and one most important underlying fact is cheap child labours are engaged in the manufacturing of firecrackers at a great health risk. So as a  reward to their hard work, we burst crackers, but Celebrations are a time to feast but in a moderation, taking into consideration not to damage our ecological balance also.

So here to conclude it, I must say festivals are most important especially for our children to know how to live in a community and celebrate each others happiness and be always thankful for our blessings. Now a days even every festival is being celebrated at school, spreading  out  the importance of festivals through plays, videos. So let’s involve our younger ones in understanding of different cultures and communities  this Diwali. 

Wishing everyone a very safe Diwali!!!!!

If you want to add more comments to the article or you see any thing incorrect please write a comment below and we will surely get back to you.

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