People might think that MS applicants would be busy with their work/research building their profiles after they are done applying to universities. However reality is the exact opposite of what you think. The months from December to June are that of extreme anxiety for most of the applicants as they eagerly wait for their decisions. This is the time period when the emotional spectrum ranges from extreme paranoia to gleeful happiness to morose sadness. Here is what you will find us applicants doing during these months:

Gmail is life:

Gmail becomes the most used application during this phase. Even Facebook is not opened as frequently as Gmail these days. No matter what time or what place it is mandatory to check all the portals and your email 100 times a day. Checking portals before sleeping and after waking up, writing mails to the admission offices. This is the most disciplined we have ever been!

Whatsapp groups:

"Any group for xyz university." This is one of the most read sentence and there are indeed so many groups for so many purposes. On a serious note these groups indeed help a lot! See below to know more :p


Profile please:

Saying 'Hi, Ssup, Hey' might be the normal way of starting conversations and getting to know people. For us asking profile is the way to make small talk and know each other. It is also the polite way of saying,"Bhai isko admit mila, mera kab ayega?!"


International news:

Screw elections, demonetization and every other national headline, they aren't going to make an impact on us the way bills introduced seas beyond will. We become experts about international news and events, Aaj Tak becomes CNN and TOI becomes Washington Daily.

Calls regarding loan:

A day doesn't go by when we don't get a call or message from some loan agent and we keep finding ways to turn them away. This is irritating as f*** and these guys need to calm down a bit. 


Email or Portal update:

As soon as we see someone get a decision from the university we are eagerly waiting to hear from. Congratulating them is secondary, primary concern is to know whether they got the update on their portal or email. We are going to keep checking both anyways!


The Reject:

This is the worst and most depressing thing to ever happen. After a few more rejects we get habituated to it but still ambitious rejects hurt like hell. A very few people are lucky enough to escape this. "When the hell will I get my dream admit!!!!!!"


Getting over the reject:

Well, university rejects definitely hurt more than getting rejected by your crush. One reject and you have wasted so much effort and money. Ultimately, this often leads to interesting conversations and sometimes curses fly around as people get over these rejects.

University comparison:

We start weighing our chances everywhere along with a few admits in hand then there is confusion between universities. Whenever such comparisons take place, it literally feels like this is not a case of Po-tay-to or Po-tah-to but a deep intellectual quandary.


Finally an admit:

*Drumroll* *Dramatic music*

Out of nowhere there comes a dream admit and that's it. Club can't handle me! Whatever be the political scenario, who gives a damn now. One of the happiest thing that can ever happen and you finally realize all your efforts for the past year or so have paid off!



I hope I get my dream admit too sooner or later! :)

Thank you for reading the post. Wrote this article to get away for a while from the tragedy of rejects and I hope it could entertain you too for a few minutes. 

Stay strong and good luck to all of you. May the admit force be with you!

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Until next time,


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