Abraham Lincoln once said “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. This refers to the differences among the North and South Cyprus. Since Cyprus gained independence from Great Britain, the Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been in conflict with each other, culminating in the arrival of the United Nations Peace keeping force in 1964. Even though the Cold War is over, great number of ethnic conflicts remain unresolved. Cyprus represents one the most enduring and precarious of these ethnic disputes. The post Cold War system has not proven suitable to ending such conflicts, but has rather increased them. The revival of nationalist aspirations makes it even more difficult to resolve such conflicts.

With this in mind, the Security Council’s agenda was “ Invasion of Turkey in Cyprus ”. Arguments and historical environment that existed between the Greece and Turkey incensed intensive debate. The issue has come to the leading edge in recent months after the argument over air control responsibilities in the Aegean. Both the Greece and Turkey accused each other of sparking inter-communal riots. The delegate of Greece points out hat Turkey has fortified two of its islands in the Aegean and according to the U.N. Charter, islands have the right to defend themselves. The movement of EOKA started to target Turkish policemen which increased the communal disparities. Greek militia attacked Turkish Cypriots, and desecrated 270 mosque shrines. Despite the arguments made by the two government in their own defence, whenever there is a problem between them the minorities and harassed and mistreated. History has witnessed the economic, social , and political ramifications have always been catastrophic specially for Greece. These conflicts have put a pause on development, it has lead to million people needing homes, work and clothing. 

After long drawn out discussion, a conclusion was at stating that human rights must be preserved to help avoid threats to fundamental moral principles over the decisions to use force . It also crucial to uphold human rights law, because lethal engagement can be restrained by human compassion as it is just fulled with instincts - vehemence and apoplexy. Many countries explicitly support Turkey but most have called for more in depth discussion of the topic, before situation worsens. Alternative methods of debate and discussion must be used, to ensure to no collateral damage. A stop to all barbaric actions would provide an easy way for the countries to come to a conclusions that ensure the people live in harmony and peace. 

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