America has Superman, Spiderman and Batman but we have Padman. It gives us esteem privilege to accept this. All the years, girls has always feared to talk about it. It was being mumbled among females. No one had the courage to come forth and accept it. Moreover no one ever cared and wondered to provide the best gift to all females who are knocked by their friend (period) every month.

Mrs Funnybones brought Mr Arunachalam Muruganantham  the innovative social entrepreneur in front of us through her book. “The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad” and is now all set to release the film this Republic Day. Females become tight lipped hearing this but when a man understands that pain and plans to invent a pad for females, it is exemplary. He cared about hygiene. Amidst the place where menstrual cycle is still considered as taboo, when you are down you cannot touch any one, you cannot enter kitchen, you have to eat alone and what not. No one cared how females feel what they go through. They get through pain and mood swings. But the truth is with time it becomes her friend who visits every month. You wait for your date. The set of days are different than the other days, you get irritated and obviously drained off. India has changed and thereby lots of options are available in the market so thanks to lots of people who made it possible.

Hygiene is so important for females. Have you ever wondered it can be so dangerous if you pay heed ear to it. You have to keep on changing your pads at regular intervals. But as we all know the petitions have been signed to make sanitary napkin tax free. After the goods and service tax, sanitary napkins comes under 12% GST category, but one needs to understand that to maintain proper hygiene, they should encourage napkins at a lower price and tax is just not accepted. Females usually take medicines to change their date because of the taboo but please do not do so. It’s natural and don’t try to interfere with that. Interference with natural things can always bring global warming😝. So be natural, safe, carefree and hygienic.

Padman is the picture which portrays the pain every girl faces but it’s all about a man who had faced humiliation and criticism for understanding female pain but still never gave up and came up with something innovative which brought him fame and relief for females. So this Republic Day, don’t forget to watch Padman directed by R Balki produced by Twinkle Khanna. Go and break all the taboo and let’s the positivity flow with in you.

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