There are so many things we wish for, knowing its fiction.

Cricket: The other day I was watching India Vs Australia 1st ODI series which was at Chennai.The crowd at Chennai was very cheerful and welcomed Dhoni with a bang. The crowd cheered for Dhoni and Hardik Pandya. An epic moment when Hardik hit 3 sixes and there was happiness all over. Dhoni and Pandya were exchanging some words and I thought I wish we could hear what they talked. I wish if we could hear on field communication. ​

Love story: My iphone was buzzing and it was my old friend who had called me. We exchanged normal greeting and I asked her how are things? In a low voice she said, "Things have just stopped, I don't know whats happening". I told her to relax, she said everything is in mess. I wish I could google my boyfriend feelings for me. My life would have been running but certain thing we can only wish, google cannot search."

Belongings: Its Saturday evening and my friends are at my place, we ordered pizza and were engrossed playing cards. Suddenly the bell rings and the delivery boy hands over pizza, my better half is looking for his wallet so that he could pay him, its ten minutes and he is just walking around and suddenly he panicked "I lost my wallet". I was so terrified as I had no cash and guest are at our place, several thought were running over my mind there were ATM cards, cash and Id cards. I was thinking from where will we start searching. I wish if we could give miss call to his wallet and he answers "I am here".

Afternoon: I have a meeting and I am waiting for my cab.The driver calls and says "Madam I am at the society gate" and I rush towards the gate. There is no cab and sun is blazing. I call him -bhaiya aap dikh nahi rahe ho? He says I am here, he reached the other society and is telling "galti ho gayi Madam GPS ki wajah se". I disconnected the phone and started wiping the sweat. The more I wipe it out, it comes all over. I look at the sun and say I wish I had a remote to control my intensity.

If we recollect, we all think about all these ideas daily and end it saying kash aisa ho pata!!!!

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