In India, we have many religions, along with that we have respective festivals. But, the most favorite festival is Diwali. Diwali is a festival of lights, during which people burn crackers and eat sweets and enjoy time with friends and relatives. College students like me especially wait for this vacation period, when we go home and have delicious sweets and dishes prepared by our moms. After all, mother’s food is the greatest luxury of life. So, unlike every year we did something different. We decided to visit Delhi to my Grandma’s home. I was going to visit Delhi after long time and so I was really excited. My father had taken leave and he with mom and my younger brother going to meet me at the airport only. From there we went home, met Grandma who was really happy to see us all especially my younger brother, as she had more love for him, maybe being youngest among all. She had already prepared dinner for all of us. My mom helped her out and then we had a wonderful dinner. The house was very well decorated with lightings. After a long day, all tired we went to sleep. 

“Good morning boys! Wake up. It’s already 8 in the morning. Come breakfast is ready and after that we have to clean the attic”, my father all energized and enthusiastic. I hated when anybody disturbs my sleep. But, could do nothing and I felt like kicking myself. Anyways I got up had breakfast and there we all three men started the work of cleaning the attic. We started removing all the old boxes, mattresses and all the stuff that was stored there. Suddenly, noticing something for a while my Dad sat down. I was not able to understand what he was looking at. I leaned and noticed an old radio. Yes, the old 80s model radio. This radio was kind of useless as it stopped working a long time back. Everyone thought it didn’t exist anymore. But, we realized our grandpa, who sadly didn’t exist anymore must have hid it here. The radio is from generation of my great-grandfather. My father pulled the radio from the shelf, took a cloth and removed the thick layer of dust. He connected the switch to see if it worked or not but failed. My younger brother asked about the radio. And the story began. “This radio belonged to your grandpa, son. Every morning he came from walk and listened to NEWS. Since, there were no TVs at his time, this radio was his biggest medium of entertainment. He had this when he was a kid, and later on received it from his father, i.e. my grandfather. I still remember how we used to listen songs on this radio every morning. When we were sleeping, Dad would turn on the radio, and singing along the songs woke up with all the love and affectionate. We listened to it while getting ready for school. Late hours, your grandpa, I and your uncle would stay awake listening to commentary of the match. Ah! I really missed this radio. I didn’t know it was kept here. I believe Dad left it for me maybe. I really loved him. ” Saying all this, sharing his feelings he just got emotional and tears started to drop. Grandma and mom listening to him from a distant also got emotional. We cheered up Dad and told him it would be okay. After sometime we all got normal. 

We got the attic cleaned and started to move all the stuff back. Tomorrow was Diwali and I had planned a surprise for Dad. When we all were celebrating Diwali, burning crackers I could see Dad little upset, clearly missing Grandpa. After burning crackers we all took some break for having sweets and snacks prepared by grandma and mom, who have been working hard all day. “All of you please gather in the living room”, I asked all the family members. “What happened son? “ Dad asked. “I told him wait I’ll tell. First of all, all of you gather here. ” All gathered and I creating no more suspense said, “Dad I have realized one thing, memories are not made from events. Sometimes they are captured in non-living objects making them a living being, eventually a living member of our life. So, here I present you the radio! ”I turned on the radio and songs were clearly audible. Dad got astonished and asked, ”How is it working? Yesterday only we checked. ““I got it repaired. I could do this much for you.” He had tears in his eyes and he hugged me, thanking me. That night, we enjoyed our dinner listening to the radio, remembering grandpa. 

Always remember fellow readers, there is nothing like non-living things in the world. If you have feelings or affection for it, the memories made with it will put life in it.

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