Roma was waiting for autorickshaw outside her apartment. Other group of people sitting on benches nearby were gossiping. Gossiping about Roma and her characterlessness.

Roma Rai was elder daughter of her parents. Her parents were both government teachers. Apart from Roma,they had two more children, a daughter Rima and a son Rohan. All were studying. Roma was in her graduation final, Rima in first year and Rohan in Std IX. They were happy family together. In her free time, Roma took tuition. 8-10 kids from her neighbourhood came to her flat for studying. She also made their summer vacation projects. She was a beautiful young girl. She loved all the kids and taught them very well. ​

And in return apart from monthly fee, she was also loved in her neighbourhood. She also cooked good food. Many times she made delicious food at home on the occasion of birthday or anniversary of her parents. And she was very much praised by everyone. From her society to her relatives... everyone was fond of her.

But one day something happened. Some lady from the society saw her sitting with a guy in cafe. And by their gesture she assumed that they were in some relationship. This news got spread like fire of jungle in the society. Few people did not believe, but few did. But how to confirm this? There was no way out. But those who believed this news, the image of Roma changed in their minds from a good girl to a bad girl in a fraction of seconds.

Few kids stopped coming to her for tuition. Roma was worried for some reason so she did not enquire about this. 

One day a guy, Ajay, came to her house with his parents and gave marriage proposal to Roma. He was a young assistant professor from her college. But Roma's daddy did not agree, because he was from different caste. And refused the proposal. Roma cried in front of her mother and father and begged them to agree. She then disclosed that Ajay is her boyfriend and they had come long way in their relation. And now she is pregnant. 

This news was like a bomb blast in their family. And the worst part was this, that when Roma was crying and telling her story in the living room, a lady heard all this from the corridor. She when heard Roma crying came to their flat door and listened carefully and got the breaking news. 

So, now Roma was a bad girl! Roma was a characterless girl. Roma was a slut. She slept with a guy, that too of different caste before marriage and got an illegal gift inside her womb. All her goodness were washed away by her this mistake. She was no more adorable and lovable girl of her society. Her parents were in depression now. They have decided to relocate to other state, get her child aborted and look for new job. Her siblings future will also be dark because of her, so all this dirt should be washed off.

No one asked what she wanted. She was not given permission to decide about her unborn child and about her life. Because it was a result of giving her so much freedom. 

But Roma did not want this. So she decided to go to Ajay. She came out from her flat quickly. Only taking her handbag with her, so that no one knew that she was running from her house. She took auto and told the driver where to go.

She came to Ajay's house. He was in college. She said her mother that she will wait. But before Ajay came, her father came there. Ajay's mother now knew that she has flew from her house. She also came to know about her pregnancy and refused to marry her son to Roma in any case. She said that Roma has crossed all her limits before marriage and she is not in favour of marrying this type of girl with her son. 

Roma father took her back to his flat. She was crying a lot. One mistake ruined her life and her image.

The Rai family shifted to other city. And while leaving the place Roma prayed to God, to make everything normal like before. The behaviour of her parents and brother sister towards her may change some day. In a hope to be good girl once again in everyone's eyes, Roma bid farewell to all bad memories in her mind.

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