As everyone is born in this world with some ambitions and a zeal to do something different and exceptional.

He was also one among them.

Being a bright student during his school days especially in mathematics. FinalIy he decided to choose a path that leads to his career.


He choosed to move ahead for the preparations of India's most prestigious exam "IIT JEE".

His mom dad always supported his decison.

He moved to Kota i.e. India's biggest educational hub,well known for the large number of coaching centres for preparation of iit-jee and medical exams.

He too joined one of the renowned coaching centre.He stayed in hostel.In the beginning it was quite difficult for him to survive without his parents but as days passed he got quite habitual of that.

But exceptionally he was not able to get accustomed of the food of his hostel's mess. As he got tired and frustrated of eating same kind of food(especially aloo ki sabzi).

Those were the days when his mom's words got stuck in his mind that

"So finicky you are!

How will you survive you hostel life?"

But somehow he managed with Namkeens and homemade pickle.

Fortunately he possess a very cool and amazing friend circle who always supported him.

They studied, played, laughed and made thousands of memories especially which they made during their train journey while travelling to their home town during Diwali holidays.

But apart from that each of them posses a competitive attitude towards each other.

Especially among all,2-3 friends motivated him a lot and are very close to him even today.

Finally the years passed,

And the judgemental day is approacing very soon.

Everyone started packing their luggage and taking off.

Those days were severe and one of the most painful for everyone among them to see a hostel family member getting deatched forever!

As afterthat who will laugh, cracks jokes, stay awaken whole night waiting for late night food home deliveries,tells horror stories ?

But still today while thinking of those golden days,

He still gets somewhat effusive.

As those two years are still one of the best and worst years of his life.

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