“Thank God! I didn’t miss my flight else there was no flight till tomorrow noon.” I exclaimed entering the plane. The flight attendant saw my ticket and guided me to my seat. I put my briefcase in the overhead cabin and loosened my tie taking a sip of my refreshing orange juice. Since, I was the regular passenger of the airlines I was given special privileges. Myself Pradeep Bakshi, owner of Bakshi industries. I am one of the richest Indian businessmen. I have a family, wife with two kids. I live really a luxurious life. I have to follow a really busy schedule with meetings and office work. Even now, I was in New York for a very important deal. I had to crack as it could be a huge success and yes we got it. I was really happy and thinking of it, I closed my eyes and took a short nap. After sometime I realized, hostess were serving the dinner. I woke up and started having my dinner. Beside me a man came and sat. I guess it was his seat only as he was coming from washroom now. The man looked to be in his early 40s. He noticed me as if he was trying to recall something. I ignored. He asked me, “Are you the Indian businessman, Mr. Bakshi.” “Yes’, I replied with smile. “I saw your interview in the last week magazine. I really liked it.” “Thanks”, I gave a smile. We began our meals and started talking to each other. He was working in a firm in New York and was going to India to meet his parents and relatives. He was single and was not much happy in life. “So, do you have a family?” he asked me. I said yes telling him about my beautiful, smart wife Reena and my two wonderful kids. He seemed to be little unhappy. His face became small. There was some indication of regret or incompleteness in life. I asked him if he was okay. But he didn’t tell me much. He just said you are really a lucky man.

“I just regret of not having that life. I just feel what did I achieve in my life? Since, childhood I really gave importance to studies, never played with friends, never did the stuff which I could do at school time or in college life. Academics was like my whole world and banging best package job was my aim in life. I never talked to a single girl in my whole life. I was just a dumb fellow. When I got great job in New York in this really great firm I thought I have achieved everything. Maybe I was wrong. Since, my parents believed I should stay in India and do job there, I got upset. But, still I left for New York and joined the firm. I have really good salary. But, I couldn’t start a family of my own. Now, this money is like nothing for me. I might have won many awards, maybe I am one of the best employees of my firm but I can never be a family man. After a long time my parents called and told me to meet them. But, still this family thing really pinches me. Honestly, career is really important unless and until you don’t make it your life. We all need someone in life for support which I really need.“

He said such a thing which left me in shock. I thought how I lucky I am. I have wife and kids who really love and respect me. I began to think what would have happened if I were in his place. I really felt bad for him. But I somehow gave him comfort and gave positivity. What more could I do in such a matter. Later we went to sleep. I was thanking God for giving me such a wonderful life. As soon as I reached home I gave a really nice hug to my wife and kids. Also, I promised myself now on wards that I will try to be a better father and husband as well instead of focusing only on my business.

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