Everyone heared , Buy when everyone is selling and Sell when everyone is buying, But I am mentioning different strategy.

Buy when everyone is selling and Sell when you get what you wish for !!

And I'll tell you what you should wish for.

Guys many of us follow blindly to many experts, and end up investing in share market with frustration, exit by naming it gambling satta etc but let me tell you frankly, if you want to make extra money then share market is the best option available, you just need to follow certain parameters. 

I won't advice any particular experts but yes I will advise everyone to believe and trust the expert inside you. Never trade regularly but observe regularly. 

Keep following points in mind while entry and exit and what you should wish for:

1.  Always Check DMA of stock and Base price of the stock. If you check base price you ll get to know genuine and actual value of the stock. For example, in regular routine you will not pay Rs 500 for 12 banana on street, because you have an idea of actual rate, you know it may be Rs 10-15 up down but not up to Rs 500. So once you study the base value of stock, you will not buy stock at cost much higher.


2. Study fundamentals of the company such as:

Profit margin structure



Dividend paying or not

Bonus issues or not ​

PE of stock and industry

3. Once you study above and even if price slashes, you do not have to worry as the company have good fundamentals so it will definitely gives you good profit

When to exit, While exit:

1.  Never ever sell in lose, you need patience before all fundamentals and techniques.

2.  Just secure 10% and trail your SL.

3.  Hold at least 1 year to avoid taxes.

4.  Most important always invest money which is not require for next year. You may invest small amount but do not over trade.

Always trust yourself, do read and study each method use it while paper trade, experts call experts due to practice and believe in their self by using one particular method constantly for longer period of time you do not need certificate to call expert but you have to study hard and test it on paper.

I will be happy if you learn at least single thing in this article and that gives you profit.

If you want to add more comments to the article or you see any thing incorrect please write a comment below and we will surely get back to you.

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