I am a mother of two kids, one three years old and other 9 months old. I love grocery shopping and while doing so i am very particular about reading the ingredients of the packaged foods; especially those i pick for my kids "fum meals". At last shopping trip i pick a choco-spread of a very well-known brand. While serving it to my son, i simply went through its ingredient list out of habit. I was shocked to see Palm oil as the foremost content of that spread. Refined palm oil, hydrogenated vegetable fat(palm) are the main culprits for cholesterol and numerous health hazards. The spread used those liberally. I had cookies of the same brand in pantry. I checked those and they used the palm oi in form of hydrogenated vegetable fat! And i used to blindly pick those each time just because the cover wrapper said "whole wheat" and "natural goodness".  

Today in kids food industry there are numerous such funtime foods which moms don't mind giving them once in a while in moderate portions. What we don't understand is its a silent killer which is taking our kids towards a future full of health problems.  

​Many vegetarian people go for veg cakes or veg mayo. But 100% veg tag is not always safe. The eggs which mostly is the only healthy content is replaced by loads of soda bicarb, to get the same fluffiness as egg cake. baking soda, baking powder when consumed deposites aluminium in our system which cannot be flushed out of body. It affects our nervous system badly. Same goes for veg mayo. Many of us prefer processed cheese slices to cheese blocks, as a slice can be directly placed over bread and melts uniformly. In order to melt properly, very high percentage of dairy fat need to be added in cheese. This throws the fat and protein ratio of cheese towards Fat and makes the cheese toast unhealthy. This can be avoided by choosing cheese block instead of slices.  Choosing Peanut and jaggery ladoo instead of peanut butter will save your kid from lots of salt and future blood pressure problems.

​We proudly tell our kids about protein in the peanut butter goes into our muscles, the calcium from your favorite chocolate drink goes for our bones, DHA for Brain; But do we ever think where does the " nature identical flavoring substance, class II preservatives, dough conditioners, rising an anti-caking agents, E 305 and E307, added salt and sugar" from the  packaged foods go? They stack up in our children's liver and kidneys. They deposit in their arteries, nerves and intestines. Children are resilient. They are in their growth years. So no one is even hinted at the damaged caused everyday by these chemicals.It shows when you are 50 and undergoing some surgical procedure and doctor says," No more Antibiotics, your liver can't take it.", or "we are unable to control the blood pressure so we have to postpone the operation." We can avoid this by keeping a close eye on the ingredients in the packed foods and replacing them with natural, fresh made foods, as much as possible. 

 We can stack our fridge with yummy gajar halwa, peanut ladoo and such other home made delicacies on weekends. You know they are totally safe and healthy as you are the quality control inspector in that case. The government has banned the junk food from school and college pantry. Lets supplement it with including chemicl free foods in our home pantry. 

 Eat Fresh...Stay Healthy!

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