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7 am: Its Wednesday morning and alarm rings. My better half is all geared up for gym sessions. These days he enjoys workout. You visit any of social websites and you find posts related to workout giving you fitness goals.

8 am: He wakes me up. Get up? Do yoga for about half an hour. I will be back in 45 mins. He wakes me up again-get up you even have to feed me with yummy breakfast. Saying this he bangs the door. I felt he will come after 45 mins. I will do yoga for 15 mins and 15 mins for breakfast, anyways these 15 mins is getting wasted. I should pull my blanket over me and not let this time get wasted.

8:28 am: I suddenly get up and look at my iphone. Its blinking 8:28 am. I started laughing as every one at my home says what is the meaning of putting alarm as 8:28 am, 5:58 am or 5:42 am. I just smile and say its the way just as our Mumbai local runs, its never 9:45 but its always 9:48 am.

8:45 am: I am ready with my yoga mat. Started doing kapalbhati and pranayam. Trying to concentrate on my exercises. I did my exercise for 15 mins. Now Its the time for breakfast. It suddenly clicked me how these days people just learn about diet food, how to make healthy food and I even struggle preparing normal food. :p

9:00 am: My better half is back burning 200 calories. He is now sitting and calculating if he burns 200 calories everyday, how much weight he will lose. I tell him that these days even in my office everyone is setting fitness goal. One of the sir has gifted weighing machine to the office. The other day I went to office and everyone was so excited to check my weight. I think this is the best part, at least people these days talk about maintaining health.

5:00 pm: I am discussing with my friend on these fitness goals. I texted her photo of Alia bhatt working out at gym. She replies back “Behan you dont need to do so.". I reply her back “You remember the other day while we were out on a trip, I was the one who used to doze off early.". So workout these days are to increase your stamina and potential and not only signing off weight issues.

10:00 pm: The day went off with the normal chores. After having dinner. we have gone for a night walk and my better half says how many of his friends have cut down on sugar. I felt cutting on sugar is like draining out sweetness from our life. But listening to this, I realised people are so serious on health parameters, so at least I should do my exercise properly. As rightly said “Health is Wealth”, so give your life a new motivation and set new fitness goals. 

Be healthy, Be safe and Be fresh.

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