Today stress is synonymous to our daily life. Night-duty, extra work-load, over-ambitious nature and hectic schedule do not provide one a chance without to be a part of the rat race. Not only the employees of our country or all over the world, the unavoidable blow of stress affects everyone everywhere. It has been seen in a recent study that, most of the people of today’s world are unhappy due to this mental disorder. Still, probably there is no other alternative available to you but to work more and more to stick in this challenging world. Then what’s next? Will we be machines?  Surely not! The best gift of human being is he can find easily a way out of every problem, no matter whatever the situation is! So let’s come to resolve this vital problem of human beings. Here are some tips that will help everyone to reduce stress from day to day life.

  • Be close to nature: After working a lot, we hardly get any time to come into the close contact of nature. But nature has an incredible power to reduce stress.  The green lush field, a sea beach or an ordinary paddy field-those have amazing power to give you a better feeling both mentally and spectacularly.
  • Yoga and meditationDay by day the importance of yoga and meditation is increasing rapidly. No one can deny the power of yoga and meditation to reduce stress. It also ensures blood circulation in a right way so that all our organs work properly. 
  • Read inspirational books: Reading books is a great habit as we know knowledge and books never betray. So, read books regularly to gain knowledge as well as to get solace of mind. Some inspirational books are: “Wings of Fire’’ by A P J Abdul Kalam ;
    “Dare to DO’’ by Kiran Bedi  and “Long Walk to Freedom’’  by Nelson Mandela

  • Manage some time for yourself: Leave your work in your own office desk and keep some time for family and friends. Some intimate conversations with your near and dear ones can give you some pleasure to get rid of work-pressure.

  • Be always positive: Life is not a bed of roses. So there will be pressures. Don’t be negative. Try to accept it with a smile. Sometimes a pretty smile changes our day!

  • Offline is peace: Social Medias are created to make a good bonding between society and people. But is there really any need of uploading a picture of your tea drinking in it? Have you any profit in uploading a selfie every day? Just use it according to your necessity. Being offline will make you more attentive and provide relief from hearing notifications from your mobile and laptop. 

  •  Don’t be a slave of electronic gadgets: Being tech-savvy is good; it is essential also for our busy life but being a slave of electronic gadgets is not a great idea. It will waste your time, money and with all these make your eyes and mind restless. So try to know your necessity first and then use.

  • Give up bad habits: Try to give up your bad habits. There are so many people who complain that they have become addicted to smoking or alcohol due to extreme pressure in their life, some say they tried to give up but couldn’t .These are lame excuses. Just give it up; your life will be smoother. Remember people can do everything. Say ‘No’ from your heart and then see the result!

  • Stop gossiping about co-workers: Gossiping about co-workers never makes one smart rather it can ruin your career. In lieu of making a good impression, it can make you alone! Keep amicable relationship with everyone and that will transform your duty into fun.

  • Don’t make decisions alone: If you have to take decisions, don’t do it only according to your own point of view. At least, talk to your colleagues, discuss all pros and cons. A collaborative initiative never creates much pressure to any individual. Somehow try to share your burden with others and give importance to their opinions also. It will help you to be a good co-worker or a leader and at the same time make your burden lighter. Try it out.

    Best of luck to all of you!

If you want to add more comments to the article or you see any thing incorrect please write a comment below and we will surely get back to you.

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