Child is the best gift in human life. There is no more complete feeling in the world than holding your new born baby, watching his scrutinizing little eyes, feeling his feather touch and seeing him grow day by day. But to be a new born parent is never an easy task. There is lot to learn in a little time. Within a day from a happy couple you become a proud mother and a proud father. The pain and agony of the hospital is left behind and now there is a herculean task of raising a child.

            It is of great help if grandparents of the child either maternal or paternal are around. Nothing can be compared to their experience of upbringing a child. However, the real problem is for the nuclear families, far from the shadow of the parents of the new parents. Even greater lies the difficulty when both partners are working. In such situation it becomes really hectic task to manage household chorus, office, family life, caring for once own self apart from looking after the baby. So here are some dos and donts for new born parents which can really make their life easy.

Dos and Donts:

  1. Make sure that you have maintained Vaccination / immunization chart from your GP. There are many mandatory vaccines necessary for proper immunity of your new born.
  2. Buy in advance the proper clothing as per season for both mother and baby including baby diapers, rubber sheets so as to avoid mess and extra work.
  3. Remember to hydrate your child well in first six months. Give your baby spoonful water after every few hours, as per need.
  4. Use stuffed matting for bathing baby, this will avoid any plausible bump on flooring.
  5. Change the diapers of baby regularly and in any case don’t allow  single diaper for more than 4-6 hrs.
  6. Never leave child unattended. 
  7. Never leave and small objects, pointed objects near baby such as hair pins, coins, bearings etc.
  8. Cover all the electric sockets as per reach of your toddler.
  9. Keep handy some meds prescribed by GP for fever and bad stomach etc.
  10. Change the type of food and fruits every alternate day, this will keep his interest as well as stimulate taste buds.
  11. Toys should be colourful, smooth, non-toxic and must not be sharp or pointed.
  12. Always have a clean handy wipe while feeding.
  13. Make sure to have sanitizer ready for others before they touch your baby.
  14. Proper cleaning of floor is required twice. Make sure that everyone in home washes their hands after coming from outside and shoes / slippers are strictly no-no in child area. This will surely avoid unwanted infections.
  15. Take your child to the doctor at regularly scheduled visits. Don’t skip doctor visits or rely on home remedies to treat when baby is ill. Ask your doctor any questions about your baby, and do not feel embarrassed or feel that your questions are insignificant
  16. Do not place your baby on her stomach to sleep. To reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, allow your baby to sleep on her back.
  17. Make sure to dry the baby completely with soft towel after each bath.
  18. Never ignore coughing, even a mild one.
  19. Try to maintain a proper sleeping routine so that baby can distinguish between day and night.
  20. Soft music can be played in child’s room, this will undoubtedly have a soothing effect. 

If you want to add more comments to the article or you see any thing incorrect please write a comment below and we will surely get back to you.

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