"A pertinent and interesting question in these days u can hear from every kind of people, who will come out as winner if a nuclear battle happens between North Korea and America”.

Agog people never onerous with their dreamy ideas still no one deny, in real sense it is an interesting question. Who will win when these two military mammoth grunts with their all muscle on each other? How many cities will vanish and how many people will die? These are rather too simple to ask answer in one or two words of an event that has capability to flex our very corner of life. One can never unjustly restrict us asking these morning question on our nukkads and pan shops, a courtesy to glance what the question really accumulate? What is extent of this win or loss? What will be our reference from where we will clamour this win or cry this loss? How better it could be if we try to ask these questions from a historian and scientist! See what happened many years before due to these tiny atoms, who said what, how much and who gave an ear to these speeches and who don’t. If word war and that with a nuclear involvement merely a cold topic or crude stimulus prompting us to do some at once to extinguish this subtle threat before we arrive at too late.

Written on Quebec agreement and with consent of United Kingdom, America in 1945 aghast whole world with their might and eviscerate two cities of Japan with their notorious bomb named little boy and fat man. This bombing was actually going to unleash a new monster in for world. This was the time when world was behaving like a kid who after giving many keys to his toy car running furiously behind it to catch. Radiation and its biological effect was very new this time. People happened to be dullard every day when a scientist make a new claim about these invisible hot ovens, some in favour with promising use in medical field and some with unimaginable harm this new form of energy can cause to living cells. So question was in shape “

If human is ready to venture this new science and if they can be trusted as responsible with this power? And answer was a big NO.

129000 unaware, innocent people just disappeared from city. At one moment there was city with full of life and at once there were ashes. Many people who survived this attack use to outline their ordeal they suffered, at time of bombing and more after war. Bombing was just a start of their problem, problem which were very new for us.

These people are called Hibakusha. Now they are scattered through out Japan and far other places. They felt a strange attitude of people when start to return their places after winning their death. Horror of nuclear bomb was in their mind, news papers coming every day with a new possible threat.They were isolated. People used to avoid them in every possible way. Relatives and neighbours started avoiding marriages with them.They were like a source of plague in society. Their sons or daughters and grandsons and grand daughters and even their children faced were looked upon as carrying some devil serious killer gene in darkness of their cell. This ordeal continued for decades, they were marginalised in every way in society. This new life was turning out to be a new horror than blessing.

In return Hibakusha provided world some thing that no other community will ever provide. They feed anorexic radio biology with source and materials of study. Thousand of guinea pigs available to be used for medical science. For many years on government order they were exhumed for forensic opinions. Suspected body parts of their dead and loved ones were confiscated. Some hibakusha were too generous. They gave them for medical research and decade long follow up study for their radiation exposure. Standing naked in front of doctors and scientist every year or month or week, Some of them were on 40s 50s and have a family, some were mother , some grand mother, but for sake of humanity they gather to offer relentless blessing in return of fire and phobia of society. They proved best of men is come in worst conditions.

They share their attitude irrespective of their status, rich, poor, educated illiterate. Midori Naka was a famous actress and nuclear survivor. She died of radiation poisoning. Government confiscated her body for radiation study and returns her body part in jars after research to their family. Many poet and drama writers remembered here in their work and underlined her name with silver.

Madam curie after discovery of radioactivity radium atoms died with radio poisoning . He made thousand claims that this new property of matter has some yet to known devilry effect but glowing blue light of radium was too seductive for high class. Who does not want to glow in dark and if it is their precious watch or buttons. A pinch of radium to glow their luxury was not a big deal. And exploitation started. Soon Pharma companies started selling drugs of radium, there were fluid of radium with claim to cure any disease known to man, improve masculinity, refresh your skin. Market were full with magical things made of radium to do what famous doctors can't do. some people even used radium mixed sand benches to treat their piles and anal fissures. People were surrounded by magical thinking and passion for this lethal atoms.

A striking event of few girls remembered as Radium girls made a break through in spreading hazard of radium. They were factory worker of a watch company used to paint dials of watches with radium paints. Company thought dipping brush in water during painting of dial is counter productive as it causes lost of radium and time consuming too, they ordered girls to lip point brush for painting. After earning few bucks when they used to return their home in night, their family clamour to see their glowing teeth in darkness. A poor with glowing teeth, not a every day issue. Soon they started nail polishing, button polishing of their cloth with a radioactive material. Many used to paint their teeth to impress the partners.

 “My history is unusual and may be of interest to medical men of the future.” 
Kate more, The Radium Girls: the dark story of America's shinning women

This play did not lingered long and a number of girls started falling under similar sickness and ultimately died one by one in a manner like rats dies during harvest season in fields. Those who used paint on teeth suffered necrosis of jaws. Event of radium girl aghast the world and brought a huge turnmoil in industrial reform and labour law. Relatives of Radium girls fought a decade long fight to harbour public sympathy and media support yet many of them never got compensation due to science limitation to prove these deaths were due to radiation. 

Many radium girls soon realised their fate and devoted their bodies for research while waiting for a certain death.

Stories like these are hidden yet to search or told among people. Fate of Midori Naka, Radium girls and Hibakusa changed in a irreparable way after bombing. some left world and some remained to suffer a lot more. Nuclear warfare has tandem tardy garroting effect, compromising generation yet to come or people escaped rapid death. After a nuclear war you will find neither winner nor a loser but a vanished city and a suffering society waiting to be a lesson for next to come. Today our world is on verge of nuclear war harbouring a lot more and intensive reactors than before. Political shrills to evaporate others and their reply is a daily matter. some way in shadow of political disposition we are too onerous to look beyond a war. A calamitous and uncertain future becoming reality an inch everyday and waiting for us.

" In nuclear war all men are cremated equal."

​Dexter Gordon

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