That is the good news you were waiting to hear all along. Online food delivery market is one of the fastest growing business segments. JAMBHO foods have put foots firmly in Agra the City of Taj Mahal. Now they are spreading their wings to the new restaurants in Kanpur, Mathura, and Aligarh.

What more there will be NIL commission charged to these new restaurants signing up with JAMBHO. The per cover or platform fee existing today is varying from 7 to 10 %. When you make a reservation through Jambho, that facilitates table reservation; this fee is waived off entirely. Unfortunately, this offer is time bound. That means that from March 2018, the ‘per cover’ or platform fee will be applicable.

Jambho went one step ahead of the competitors in waiving off the ‘per cover’ fee (platform fee) for restaurants that enable table reservations. The new restaurants will be benefited immensely with this move. The commission fees from restaurants under the food order processing system is the major revenue earner for Jambho, but they are waiving off this fee to encourage new entrants in the field.

Should you the new entrant in the restaurant business in Kanpur, Mathura, and Aligarh be excited? Yes, of course, you should and act immediately.  The charges exclude delivery and payment gateway charges. Jambho would love to have as a partner in the fast-growing and profitable food sector.

Your decision to enter into the restaurant business will be a further justified with tie up Jambho the newest entrant to the food delivery platform in India; they are equipped with the latest software solutions and flow sheets to make the food delivery and table reservation seamlessly efficient. You will soon find yourselves in the company of another forward-thinking team like you- .

Having set out a foothold in Agra, it was only a logical step to spread our wings to the nearby two-tier cities- Aligarh, Kanpur, and Mathura. They are cities rich in history and embedded with stories from famous epics. You can feel the atmosphere scintillating with the romance and valour.

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