Are we humans???


No morals‚ No boundation

No values‚ No foundation

       Ah!  Are we humans?


No kindness‚ No loyalty

No benevolence‚ only cruelty

Always wants glory‚

But reluctant to say sorry

       Ah! Are we humans?

Busy with selfies‚ busy with phones

But .... neighbour still unknown

Friends fake‚ image fake‚ fake is our face 

Just busy in impressing this thoughtless human race 

        Ah! Are we humans?


No originality‚ No tranquillity

Always remains far from reality

One who live in fantasy

Always wants something easy

        Ah! Are we humans?

We've lost our humanity

Everywhere jealousy and enemity 

Wonderful !!! Wonderful !!!

What a amazing tragic diversity

       Yes! We are humans... 

Who are always scandalous

       Yes! We are humans... 

Who always think of complacence 

       Yes! We are humans... 

Who have lost all our sense 

But ........

        Are we humans ...

With .....

No morals‚ No boundation 

No values‚ No foundation 

Just think it !!!! Are we really humans !!

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