What you think of me, I'm not
I am more than what you just thought
Flying in my fantasy, I know I could never be caught.
Do this, do that, wear this, wear that
I was always taught.
Set me free for the sake of God.
Girls don’t talk loud, girls don’t go out
I was told, 
You think I forgot, every day’s assault.
I never forgot, whenever I was called a blot
It pained, it pained a lot.
Trust me, I have risen above it all.
For all those who thought of me as a disgrace,
My dreams and aspirations will one day hit you hard on your face,
You tried to kill my innocence and space,
But this is all I embrace.
My goals and ambitions in life,
I will chase, I will Chase.
You were afraid that one day I am going to fly,
And pull me down is all you can try.
But no obstacles can stop me reach the sky,
My spirits and head are held high.
I will fall down, I will get up
But I will never give up.
I am not anymore your cup of tea,
I am not what you thought, I am meant to be
I am not the ball in your court,
I am more than what you just thought.
I will answer you in my own way,
Every impossibility, I am going to slay
The flight of my dreams is going to be the revenge of my screams,
No violence, no chaos
Yet a revolt
Because I believe ,pen is mightier than a sword.
And I repeat, I am more than what you just thought.

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