This poem describes about a man who has decided to change his way of living life and continue to walk on the path that he and his friend was once determined to walk, but it will cost him his friendship.


Stands infront of me, my strongest rival.

Defeating him will declare my revival.

Looking straight into each other's eyes,

We might are saying our last goodbyes.

As today is when one friendship will end.

Yes, we once were each other's true friend.

Through deadly wild lands and stormy weather,

We had walked miles together.

Where I was alone with no one to care,

He always was for me there.

Wiping away the drops of tears,

He had helped me to fight away my fears.

Teaching, learning, laughing and crying,

We promised to never stop trying

To become someone brave and kind,

To purify our soul through purification of mind,

To search for the lost, with a hope to find,

To spread light and become eyes for the blind,

And with our Strength and Wisdom combined,

To live for others, we were determined.

 But I never thought that a day like this will come.

A day, such unfortunate and fearsome.

It's hard to accept the truth which stands,

That with time, increases our needs and demands.

And so with time, increased his wish

Which slowly had made him selfish.

From outside the same but different inside,

The person I once knew, had died.

We know each other's strengths and weaknesses,

We know each other's failures and success.

Yet I have decided to not hold back.

I will defeat him at all cost

Because he has gone out off his track

And now he is completely lost.

Before it becomes too late,

Before breaks away the promises he made,

I will try to change the fate

And I will not let our promises fade.

Inside of me, I will carry both of our dreams.

And now, the time has come it seems,

As for the last time I am seeing him today

Because from tomorrow, alone I will walk my way.

Stood in front of me, my strongest rival.

Defeating him has declared my revival.

Looking straight into each other's eyes,

We had said our last goodbyes.

I thought that with time, we will get more nearer

But with a smile for a new beginning, I have walked away from the mirror.


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