Bhai to bhai hote hai…

Kabhi hasate kabhi rulate hai,

Koi aur daante to puchkarte hai..

Jo chedna uska kabhi bura lagta tha..

Aj woh lamhe bohot yaad aate hai..

Bhai to bhai hote hai,,,,

Khud ko neend na aaye to,

Adhi raat ko uthate hai..

Tu so rahi thi kya??

Aisa puchkaar kar jagate hai..

Aur khud ko neend aaye

To mujhe neend aa rahi..

Kehkar so jaate hai..

Bhai to bhai hote hai,,,,

Kaam karne k liye bahar chale jaate hai,

Roz k badle hafte me ek bar hi baat kar paate hai..

Chedne k badle ek dusre ka haal hi puch paate hai,

Bhai to bhai hote hai,,,,

Bhai ki ched chad to sirf bachpan me hoti hai,

Bade hoke to sirf rishte nibhaye jaate hai,

Purani baat yad kar muskurate hai

Bhai to bhai hote hai,,,,

Ye mera sabse acha dost hai kehkar milwate hai,

Par behen baat kare to use hi kamina batate hai,

Bhai to bhai hote hai,,,,

Hum ruthe to manate hai,

Hume mota mota kehkar chidate hai,

Tu pichle bar kaise roya tha kehkar hasi udate hai,

Hum chide to aur chidate hai,

Bhai to bhai hote hai,,,,

Bachpan k lamhe bade yaad aate hai,

Kabhi kabhi khub rulate hai,

Bhai to bhai hote hai,,,,

Wo chedne k kisse bohot yaad aate hai…

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