​Pictures remind you your memories of past life that can be good or bad making you laugh, some make you cry. They are the mirror from the past.

9 months ago a baby was planned, 

Precautions were taken, unhealthy things banned.

Daily both curious if it was he or she,

‘But most important was care’, said father to be.

After a few months mother felt the baby child,​

With happiness she felt to glide.

In her eyes there were tears of joy.

I just want to see the child, don’t care it’s a girl or a boy.

Finally the day came when baby entered the world,

All filled up with blood and hair were curled.

Doctor gave the news it was a baby boy!

Listening to this all were filled with joy!!

Father held the child with a smile,

Noticing him with love for a while,

Asleep mother was finally given the baby child,

And she felt his hands were mild.

She gently kissed her forehead,

Giving him tight hug on the bed.

Father sitting beside with a feelings’ mixture,

That was the moment I took the Picture.

- By Rohan Gupta 

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