Hello, my dear bloggers and blog readers, who've come to oyewiki to find an escape from the reality. It's my very first article, so please don't judge me ( xD).

Since, it's gonna be my first time blogging, I might as well choose 'My first win' as the topic for my first blog.

Ever since I was a child, I had that adventurous nature, to do something that made me feel not only happy, but gave me the satisfaction of having done something new. I've always had an interest in playing basketball. Watching my seniors play it in school made me realise how badly I wanted to play it, but due to my unusual hyperactive nature, my mom couldn't leave me alone (She didn't have the time to come along with me). So, I let that sink in and shifted my focus from basketball to something that I could do without asking for much help from my mom. 

When I was in grade 2, we had our annual sports day. It must have been in the year 2007, it was the first time when I was participating in a 100 m race. I remember being all shaky, yet overzealous because, hey! It was my first time. So, the announcement was made and all the athletes were asked to line up. I lined up according to the number given to me. It was a standing race, so I knew that I could do it. Our school P.T. was the one with the whistle so when we were lined up, he commands us," On your marks, Set, pheeeeewwwww (he blew the whistle). My body got that adrenaline rush and I remember running so fast, it felt as if my legs were moving on their own and there was no way that I could stop them, so I gave in. My heart was racing and it felt as if my heart was gonna come out and fall into my hands. I remember a girl getting ahead of me, I didn't have much time to cover up the distance between me and her,  I kept running and running, and so I pushed harder and harder till I got ahead of her and just after 17s, I reached the finishing line and let that finishing ribbon hug my chest, as if it was congratulating me for my first ever win. I cannot even describe how elated I was, yet very exhausted, after all I had just completed my first 100 m race. At one moment, I felt I would've lost it, but that fire within me kept me going. After the race, the winners were asked to assemble themselves on the victory stand, and I remember, standing on the one stating #1 made me more proud of myself. My mother couldn't witness this, but still when I told her about it she filled her arms with me and wet my forehead with a kiss. I remember, while receiving the gold medal from my principal, she gave a firm handshake and with a pat on my back said, " Go home Shradha, you've made your mom really proud, the way you ran today was marvellous. Keep it up!". I couldn't get that cheerful smile off of my face, I was smiling ear to ear. It was one of my best days of childhood, which I'm gonna treasure forever :D.

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