IMA Inspiration is an offspring of Indian Martial Arts, Kung-fu Academy and was established in the year 2016 By our Master Mr. Mohan S Rao. It is an institution where students get to learn Kung-Fu. 

IMA Inspiration strives towards inspiring people of all age group to learn Martial Arts, Mallakamba, Yoga, Pranayama, Gymnastic and helping them to emerge much stronger than before both inside and out.

The students start practicing as early as 5:30 a.m. focusing on mastering this fighting art for self-defence. Practice starts with regular warm up exercise followed by intense training sessions. Speed, strength, stamina, flexibility, grace and confidence are qualities which student’s pickup once start practicing regularly. Students learn many animal styles, snake, leopard, crane, tiger are few to name. Initially ,it’s an unarmed fighting moves with basic punches and kicks which will be followed by practice with weapons once. The Master feels that the students have the capability to handle weapons.

The students practice in a friendly environment. All students are treated equal and kids are treated with a special care in class without putting pressure on them, every single student get clear guidance from master which helps students not only to develop strength and stamina in physical level but also to explore their true potential as a person motivating them to shape up the personality.

The purpose is to achieve healthier physical condition along with mental stability which helps in improving overall quality of life. It takes years of practice to master the art. One should dedicate time and should possess willingness to work hard to learn the art. 

Our Master believes, “Though we practice fights, attacking someone should never be our first priority”. “One should strike only when the opponent has made its move if it’s absolutely necessary, our skills should never be the because of distress in the society”. 

As my skills get perfect over the period of time, can see myself being able to inspire others to practice these art forms, being a part of IMA Inspiration today, I can proudly say I am an Inspiration.

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