Hey are you wondering how can paints conduct electricity? when the paint we know are just used for paintings and preventing rust in iron bars. Read on to know more about how this revolutionary product is changing ways projects and being done.How wires in home space are being reduce and how much amount of raw resource such as plastic ,copper ,rubber can be reduced. How much amount of processing cost can be saved and the Eco-friendliness of the product ease of use.

Matt Johnson is the CEO and co-founder of a small studio named Bare conductive in London.

Bare conductive came up with this innovative idea of making a viscous paint which conducts electricity when dry.The paint is carbon-based which helps in conducting electricity.

Just imagine having wallpapers which can conduct electricity and still have great designs on them.This paint just brings any surface to life, just paint the lines of your needs and connect your leds on the table.

This can be a great replacement for wires and can relieve you from the wiring problems ,where often wires get tangled making it difficult to entangle.



Theoretically this can reduce the cost of wiring to a greater extent. Analyse the budget you spend on buying wires and how this paint can cut off the cost to a greater extent and saves you from the mess the wires gives you.

Painters are using this paint to make musical sounds out of their paintings.Creative minds having knowledge in basics of circuit can create exiting projects.Its a fun way to teach kids,students about circuits while they paint and understand the design.Paints are fun to play with and when applied to a practical use can give you great returns and satisfaction of creating a product or project in a innovative manner.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and how paints are solving everyday problems.It would be great to have such innovative products being discovered in the journey.

Another question to the reader is that can these paints be made widely available such that it could become a common household item or remains as a commercial product?

Below are the links to cool projects which you can check it out:



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