Being among the countries, with largest population: India looks to upgrade its transportation system. Considering mass transportation a challenge and hoping solution is bullet train, the first bullet train is expected to run between Mumbai and Ahmedabad and is expected to be built by 2023 at a cost of about $12 billion. Indian is excited for this project as time will replace the unit of distance between two cities. But, here is a better solution 

“ I think it (bullet trains) would be a big mistake for India. India has the potential to really embrace new technologies. Put $1 billion in Hyperloop. And you have a faster, more efficient way to transport people,” Bibop Gresta, chairman of HTT"

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is US startup which is hoping to revolutionize travel. The Hyperloop — high-speed travel in pods inside a partial-vacuum tube — is the brainchild of Tesla founder Elon Musk, who open sourced the basic design in 2013 in the form of a white paper. The first line with is expected to cut the travel time from 90 minutes to 12 minutes. The project is to be implemented between Dubai and Abu dhabi in next five years.

With the latest tweet Hyperloop shares their plans to execute the projects in the world. And its coming to india with a great offer. The offer includes connecting four cities. The routes planned are Mumbai – Chennai; Chennai - Bengaluru, Bengaluru – Thiruvananthapuram; Bengaluru - Mumbai &  Mumbai – Delhi.

Hyperloop India Plans

The company website says the fare will be equivalent to the bus fares. Their india plans also shares the 38 months of tenure to complete this project. The structure includes prefabricated tubes atop pillars. Using solar energy by solar panels at the top of tubes and windmills on the pillars, company estimates for a reduced cost.

Gif:Hyperloop One's open-air propulsion test in May 2016.

India has different challenge with diverse geographical conditions. but we hope people with dream to work & live in different city with daily travel will come true.

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