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In the morning I was standing near my car and our car cleaner was cleaning the car. That time I was thinking about buying a new car after some years, Than another thought came to my mind is that the new car will not be as special as this one. Than I thought why?

Similarly How often we hear people talking about their first salary, first car, first house, first bike, first job and how can we forget about people talking about their first love. People say they can't forget about their first love for whole life.

So the question is 

what it is that makes these first things or love special?

According to me the answer for this is the feeling that comes when you get/buy these things for the first time or for the first time when you realise about your love for some one.

All these introduces you to a new phenomena in your life, a new feeling and several new experiences that comes with them. The first bike ride that you had, first long weekend that you enjoyed with your car, First hill station that you visited, first job/call letter that you got. How you planned to spend your first salary? when you started looking for new home and after several weeks of hard time you finally booked your new home. The first time you saw him/her.

You have NO idea how fast my heart beats when I.. see YOU!

All these experiences makes these memories special and when you will have second of these bike, car, home things will not be as special as they were the first time because now you are used to them. They excites you today as well but not as much as they were at that time. And these first memories are always special to you and preserved in your hearts.

U can;t buy happiness BUT you can buy a BIKE and that is pretty close to happiness.

So I will still buy a new car in some years but that will not be as special as this one. Our Swift, Our Bulbul. (Bulbul is what we call her, our car. :) )

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