As the festival of lights is approaching near, every hostelite's excitement level is alleviating to its highest peak day by day. And the reason is to re-capture and cherish some amazing memories and moments with our near and dear ones.

As near about 1 week is left for Diwali, everyone started packing their luggage, reserving their seats for travelling to home, babbling with friends and relatives over phone or social networking, discussing regarding their plans of arrival and departure. As pre-planning vacations are more crucial to amass perfect memories and make the moments worth memorable forever.

Some of them will have to appear for exams before red letter days while some have to appear after enjoying them. But each and everyone is confident enough to confront such situation with ease.

As the Diwali week commence one can imagine the beauty of hometown's streets adorned by the dazzling lights and earthen lamps. One of the best reason to visit hometown is to get a perfect view of these mesmerising dazzling streets.

Although the truth or actual reason cannot be changed.That is "To take a break from the tedious meal offered at hostel's mess".

As​ every hostelite travels to his home with hope of experiencing some delicious and mouth watering dishes cooked by mom.As every hostelite's topmost priority is having delicious food rather than having new festive clothes.As even asking for an extra piece of sweet or desert at hostel's mess is compared to 'Asking for the moon'.

Also planning a get together or reunion with childhood friends and cherishing most of our childhood's memories comes out to be one of the best part of vacations.

Although our main purpose of celebrating Diwali during our childhood is to burn fireworks or may be to eat some delicious sweets. But as the time passes and after getting mature enough one can really understand the true essence of Indian festivals and the role that Indian festivals especially Diwali plays in bringing up a family or blood relatives from miles under one roof.

Although the best days are yet to arrive.And rather than lighting fireworks and illuminating our own houses lets illuminate the life of some poor guy who also deserves to live in this world happily along with comfort. So its time to do something different.

Wish you all a very happy​, prosperous and safe Diwali.

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