I forget my pains, if any while doing a thing that interests me. “Passion satisfies our hunger”. It enthrals us into abundance. If our mind tells that we are tired, our whole body starts accepting it and we start feeling the same, but in spite of our mind is intensely engaged, we can keep on at an activity indefinitely. We have innumerable intuition apps in our brain just like our smart phone, which keeps occupying the space. Why our smart phones get hanged quite often? If the device has a 1 GB RAM, we are running more apps, consuming more space than its memory, then we come across the problem of hanging. For that we either delete or disable few apps to run our phone successfully. Similarly it implies with the brain too. Countless number of intuition apps keeps on running down simultaneously which prevents the free flow of perceptions. So, in order to avoid the unwanted apps to run and block the space for the free flow of thoughts, we have to free some space for the easy perusal of our day.

I am a nature’s person; believe in the divine powers in coherence with. My physical condition is determined largely by my emotional state, and my emotional state is regulated by my own thought process of life. I try hard to be an emotionally well regulated, integrated person in order to taste the elixirs of life, by cutting down unusual apps from the brain. I somehow learnt at last to disable the apps which are non-functional for that moment keeping only the important ones which can bring enlightenment into my life.  Few quick tips for maintaining the constant energy levels in a day are as below:

1.      Believe in the synchronization with the Almighty God.

2.      Meditate yourself to get a right tempo level.

3.      Work in close proximity of nature.

4.      Always take the responsibility of one’s own actions.

5.      Avoid gradual accumulation of psychological fears which can cut off the flow of energy.

6.      Start your day with the forgiveness, compassion, prayers and kindness. Your mind and heart will soon start healing.

Adopting these points will really make one’s life free from all kind of unwanted materialistic burdens. You all can try these secrets.

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