Friends are the essence of life. They are the part of life on whom you can rely for everything or they can rely on you. They know your weaknesses and your strengths and most importantly they understand you more than you know yourself.
But what if you have a fake friend. The one who just pretends to care, who knows how to sugarcoat everything. Claiming that they can do anything for you in front of everyone but when the time comes they are far behind. So far that you can’t even search for them. Lol...

Let me get this straight:

•    Ladder
You are not a friend to them. You are just a ladder on which they can climb on to achieve what they want. They would always make you feel that you are their “best friend” but oops that ain’t the truth honey!

•    Sugarcoating
So this is something that they have got masters in. Without even letting you realize it, these people just talk sweetly and politely and keep kicking your ass. Their false kindness and giving nature will make you feel bad about yourself but you know what you shouldn’t do that. Never be guilty for the things you didn’t do.

•    Penny-pinching
Have you ever noticed that you are out with your whole gang on dinner or something and a new member has joined you and when it’s time to pay that fake one would always want to pay in front of that new member or the whole gang but if you are out with them alone guess who becomes the financer of every damn thing. Oh! That’s you!

•    Image-building
This is one of the most important characteristics of such people. They would do anything to look good in front of the whole world. They want everyone to think that they are the nicest of all but as we know you can’t hide it for long. ;)

As such the list goes on but we can always learn from the bad things that have happened with us.

•    Do not entertain
Once you must have thought of them as your lifelong friend or bestie and there is a possibility that after you come to know about all this you might feel sad and get upset. You wouldn’t want to hurt them but once you know the truth, do you really think that you should allow such negativity in your life? Of course not. So never entertain them.

•    Learn to look in crystal clear way
Always see the things for how they are not how they are supposed to be. If they are not right for you they can get left!

But this is all, till the time you also think that they are your good friends and you have realized the reality later on. And what once your eyes open, now what to do? You are left with two choices. First you can directly tell them that you don’t want them to be around you or you can tolerate them as once they were your good friend.

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