I thought being a new wife was the most difficult thing, just then life proved me that I was wrong! There are more tougher jobs and the toughest was being a mother!
So being a mother doesn't start once you deliver your baby. It starts right from the moment you conceive.
I was married and had somehow passed the hurdles of living in a joint family. Life was getting better. Being a dentist, I started practising too.
So one fine day, I tested positive for pregnancy. It was a very fine day indeed - My husband's birthday! What better birthday gift than the news of being a dad!! Time for double celebration!

The news spread faster than a wild fire. So there were people everywhere, telling me to be careful while doing everything. There were lots of advice coming in from every directions. Don't climb stairs, walk slowly, don't run, be careful, don't bend, don't lift, don't sit, don't stand, don't don't don't. .. 😤
To make matters worse, after a week came nausea, vomiting and a stronger aversion to food. Literally I didn't want to eat anything. I lost two kilos, doctor shouted at me (so I changed my doctor 😛). Then the advice became more stronger like eat and vomit (what the heck??). Why take the trouble of eating, then vomiting and being totally exhausted?😧
The other thing was, nobody had anything better to say, other than "it will be like this only" Aaaaaaaaaargh!! Seriously!! I decided I will not be pregnant again. Atleast not in a 10 years!🙅
The most I missed was my sleep, 6-8 hrs sleep?? Forget it. It's great if I slept at least for an hour continuously. I kept waking up to vomit. More than that, what irritated me the most was the snore of my peacefully sleeping husband!!😠
After 3 months people kept telling me to walk and to do household chores like sweeping and mopping. I never did that. The most I did was to take rest cause I was so damn tired! The only thing I was scared was, if for some reason I had a cesarean, then people would be quick enough to accuse me of my laziness.
Next came the fiery heartburn! It was like somebody stabbing my throat with a knife! The pain seemed to be there forever. 😢
And to top it all, I never took my iron and calcium supplements. I wanted to but every time I had those, I vomited. 
So after a nightmare of 9 whole months (Just thinking about those 9 months make me stand by my decision stronger - not to conceive sooner) we were blessed with a lovely baby! My sweet angel!!😍
What everybody says about labour pain is that, it is unbearable but you forget everything once you see the face of your lovely baby! Now let me be very clear about it. It's never like that. I can't fully explain the pain, but what I can tell is that the pain is excruciating. Yes it is! And it seems never ending too. The pain comes and I kept thinking I will die. The intensity kept increasing. Then there was this gap of hardly 10 seconds I guess between each contraction. In those 10 seconds I kept thinking why did I conceive? You can never blame someone if they opt for epidural  (injection for painless delivery) or for an elective cesarean because the pain is truly horrible! 
Meanwhile there were screams of other women and i just kept wondering how long more to suffer?? Then there were the nurses and junior doctors who never believed that you were truly in pain.😑
I bore the pain for an hour or so and then my doctor came and I delivered in hardly 10 minutes. Normal delivery. Thank God!! Nobody would blame my laziness. 😆
So delivery over story over, you would think. No it still continues. Yeah I saw my baby's face, but I was more happy that the pain had ended. And I just wanted to leave that room. Ofcourse you will want to sleep undisturbed for a while. Then comes the torture of suturing! Hell lot of pain, felt like stitching my raw flesh. After all those suffering, when you finally settle for some rest, they bring your baby to feed. Then you are kept for observation. Finally after 4-6 hours you are moved to room.T hen there are guests pouring in from every directions. There goes again your privacy. If you are of the type that don't care about people and you just need sleep, then you can turn your back and just have rest. Since am not that type I couldn't rest!
I was totally exhausted.It was like i had lost my complete strength and even kept asking my mom whether i will regain it. Forget about standing, i could not sit at all.I had to be lifted up by my husband. I was discharged after 4 days. Finally to sweet home!!
Slowly realization dawned on me, it takes a lot of love, patience and endurance to be a mom!! Hats off to my super-mom who delivered four kids and managed on her own. Delivery was not the end of 9 months suffering but just the beginning of a whole new life!!

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