Suddenly across my mind, there crossed this thought, why people fall in love?​

When there's so much on this Earth that's equally satisfying then why need a partner to experience the joy? Why cannot one have the exact amount of pleasure that you get on a Sunday trip with them. The Sunday trip with friends is more fun but a get away with that special one is special. Family is equally present whenever you want them but hesitant, we are sometimes to just open ourselves up and talk to them.

Thoughts are profound, cannot imagine why there is this unimaginable desire of wanting someone to be with you in your good and bad times. Friends play the role wonderfully but a friend a little bit more closer and more loved does the magic. Without a wand this person charms you like no other. This feeling of being close to the person brings excitement. Your body behaves a certain way. What is this invisible gesture that one makes to another to keep close and loved?

Love will never be understood. Broken hearts have their pain justified but may be the string they attached to the other heart wasn't meant to be. A careful insight to relationship always will show a bond of togetherness and faith that is the much needed essence to be carried throughout.

One cannot find an answer to why there is this special requirement needed at some or the other point of life. The feeling itself of loving someone or being loved by someone is enough to survive the emptiness that haunts sometimes. Love along the walk of life is the ultimate oxygen that fills your heart and not the lungs. Extra terrestrial is this love, where no explanation is needed for how you feel and why. The heartbeats become the language with an unusual rhythm like the music of your favourite song.

One wants this warmth and understanding from the other half who is better may be at situations. Love fills the gap between fingers and the emptiness between emotions of happiness and sorrow. Love is why the star looks shining otherwise it's just a huge material of composition not known to lovers.

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