"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."' – Saint Augustine

Travelling leaves you speechless with the beauty of the place and turns you into a story teller. The world has ample places that can actually make you speechless with the beauty of the surroundings. The list is endless and the list seems more enthralling if the hassle is less. To lost in the alluring world without nuisance, here is the list of countries which you can visit from India without visa.


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Bhutan, the happiest country in Asia which measures its growth in terms of Gross National Happiness. A tranquil place with scenic beauty, Bhutan is the place that holds many surprises for its tourists.  One can be confounded to see the natural beauty and sacredness of Bhutan. 


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Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country, with thousands of volcanic islands. It is famous for its shingle islands. In Indonesia, one can look for leisure, shopping, culture, beauty, peace diving, adventure sports and many more. 


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Maldives, a tropical nation in the Indian ocean with 26 ring-shaped atolls, which are made up of more than thousand coral islands. It has splendid white sand beaches with startling underwater world. It is the favourite honeymoon destination of couples.


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Mauritius is an Indian ocean island famous for its beaches, reefs and lagoons. Its mountainous interior include waterfalls and vast wildlife. The colour of the water that surrounds Mauritius can leave you dumbstruck.


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The country, Nepal, which share its border with India is a multi ethnic nation. It is one of the top exotic destinations which is pocket friendly too. Not to mention, the majestic view one can have of the Mount Everest and the Himalayas.

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a territory in China, with lush green nature. It is a major port and global financial hub with iconic skyline. Famous as a shopping destination among tourists with colourful traditions make Hong Kong a vibrant city of China. 


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Macau is located in the southeast coast of China. It is famous for its giant casinos and malls, which has helped Macau to drew the nickname 'Las Vegas of Asia'.


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Dominica, a mountainous Caribbean island nation with natural hot springs. 
Also, called as a diver's dream and hiker's paradise. It has beaches with black volcanic sand and lush rain forests. 


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Ecuador is a small country bestriding the equator on the South America's west coast. It is a home to astonishing wonders with picturesque scenery.

EL Salvador

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EL Salvador is the smallest nation in Central America, which is known for its Pacific ocean beaches and mountainous landscape. It is the land of volcanoes with more than 20 volcanoes in the territory.


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Fiji, a country in South Pacific, is a perfect holiday destination with 333 picture perfect tropical islands. It has everything  to offer its tourists, from sky diving to dirt biking to river rafting to scuba diving to trekking to cultural tours and many more.


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Jamaica is a Caribbean island nation with mountains, rain forests and beaches. It is one of the most diverse and colourful countries in the Caribbean with a rich and vibrant history.


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Micronesia is a country across the western Pacific ocean with more than 600 islands. It is known for its palm shaded beaches, dives, temples and vaults. It is one of the most remote and beautiful places on Earth.

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