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Voice has been a significant and great blessings for human beings. In a dark night a voice can make you feel presence or existence of someone. In today's world Voice has played a major role. we connect to the world with this key note. We hear them daily and we don't know who they are. The article is to tell bit about some faces behind some magical voices.

अगला स्टेशन राजीव चौक है यहां ब्लू लाइन के लिए बदलें

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Most heard by every delhiite and everyone travelling in Metro across all parts of country. It was in daily routine to hear him. It has familiar voice. But wait do i know him and do i have seen him somewhere? The instant search loaded images with a name Shami Narang,Voice Of Metro.  Narang is a voice-over artist, ex news anchor, emcee and entrepreneur. He has been known for his great efforts and contribution in news-casting in India. His first work as a voice over artist was in the Hindi division of Voice of America. He has been associated with Doordarshan for 2 decades.

The female voice in Delhi metro is of Rini Simon Khanna, she is a noted Indian television news anchor, who worked with state-run Doordarshan. Rini began her career by producing and hosting program and interviews on India’s National Radio, All India Radio at 13 and was soon selected to read the Prime time National News on All India Radio. In addition she does commentary on prestigious occasions such as Independence day, Republic day etc. for television and radio.

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