Packing tips for every avid traveler

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“You don’t need magic to disappear; all you need is a destination.” ---- Anonymous

And to explore the beauty of the destination of your choice, all you need is the daily essentials. 

To have a complete relaxing journey and stay at your favourite destination, here are most of the essentials one should always carry for a trip.

  • Clothes: First and foremost the clothes of your choice and most importantly, the clothes which best suit the climate of the destination. This includes your socks, belts, undergarments and handkerchiefs as well.
  • Sports shoes: One must always carry sports shoes to make the journey relaxing. It helps you walk miles without any ache, thus giving you a lot of comfort. The basic advantage which girls feel is that they keep their feet immaculate.
  • Slippers and flotters: Easy to remove and wear, these are must to carry if you are travelling to a beach or river side. (Girls, you need to really give it a thought that you want to take your heels along or not. You can't forget the pain!)
  • Eatables: Always carry eatables with you who can actually help beat your hunger at odd times and while travelling from one place to other. Eatables should include few packets of biscuits, chips, read to cook items (which can be prepared using hot water), chocolates (if it is not too hot!), nuts and other stuffs of your choice.
  • Glucose: Glucose is an essential item to carry with you for hot and humid places. You just need to take a water bottle and mix glucose in it to give you an instant energy.
  • Bath and hand towel: Though most of the hotels and resorts provide you with towels but it is always advisable to carry one of your own.
  • Hand sanitizer: An essential item to carry while travelling and mainly for those times when water and soap are not available to wash hands.
  • Paper soap: I think we Indians don’t need any description for this. So next time don’t forget to carry this.
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush: Some hotels and resorts provide you with toothpaste but there are some who don't. So, it is advisable to carry these with you to be on the safer side.
  • Mobile charger: Do not forget to carry the basic and the foremost thing. Yes, the charger of your mobile phone. If you have a portable charger, the keep it too. It will help you at odd times.
  • Camera and its charger: To collect memories, never leave your camera at home. Carry it with you always because it makes you rich with memories, memories and more memories. Do not forget to keep its charger as well. If you are using your phone only as the camera, then you can surely forget the latter.
  • Day care products:
    • Make up products: It is essentially for our beautiful ladies out there. Whatever you use daily or want to use on your trip, fix all that in your make up kit. After all, a trip gives you lots of pictures and you need to look beautiful in all that.
    • For men: Do not forget your shampoo, shaving kit, cream and oil. Keep everything else too that you use daily.

So, guys what are you waiting for! Pack your bags. Don't listen to what other say, GO SEE...

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