Everybody wants to make money in today these days. But no one knows that create free website so that you can make money from free site. but Is My Free Website AdSense Approved? How to use Adsense Ad Code? I do not have a lot of visitors in the website.! These are all our common questions, for which I say in this article, "How to Make Money From Free Website Without AdSense" without talking further going on to, how to create a free wordpress website and how to make money from it.attention: don't click any of link before reading this article completely, don't search againfor how to make money online. Follow these steps below, and you will also be able to make money today. 

  1. create free wordpress websiteIt is not difficult to make a website nowadays.,There are a lot of free tools on the Internet for creating a free website.For that I've been talking about a good and highly-reviewed tool,I've just explored it with step by step pictures.

Domain Registration -​ We need a domain first(yoursite.com) What I say is a free domain registration website, where you can register yourself as a free domain.The domain that is registered does not seem to be Subdomain(www.yoursite.tk). The domain is easy to understand and aslo Visitors quickly get the domain understood.How to register is below. Go to this website www.freenom.comAt home screen you will have a search bar, Write the domain name you like in the search bar with .tk, This is my domain name now  "filmkannada.tk".  Click Check Availability, below you get a list of Free Domain and paid domains, select the one you like then click on the checkout button above. See the image below.

The next step will be to select the Month for you, I suggest you go for 12 months, After selecting, select "Click" button below.

Then you'll have to enter your email address, Enter your own email, which you will need to verify on the next step.After entering the email, click "Verify My Email Address" below. Whenever you click on "Verify My Email Address", you will receive a verification message for your email address, go to your Gmail Index and click on the Message's Open Confirmation link, which will be sent to your Registration Page.

Fill all of your Details on the Registration Page. check in i have read and agree to be terms and conditions then click complete order.

Your domain name is now registered.The domain name register should then host the domain, So I'd rather say '000webhost'. the 000webhost  is a Popular Hosting Provider. There are plenty of features., you do not have any kind of adverts on your website.Below is how to register and how to host your domain. Go to this website 000webhostJust click on Sign Up at Home Screen as you go to the website. You must enter your details. Email Address, Password and Website. Do not enter a new name for the website, enter what you have registered with 'FreeNom'. Do not fill A Full Domain(filmkannada).Click on 'Get Free Hosting' immediately after entering all your details.Verify your email address so you can get a verification message for your e-mail after clicking on 'Get Free Hosting'.

Your email address verifier will be your 000webhost, After you verify your email address. Here is your '000webhost' dashboard  account dashboard.Click on the "Set Web Address" that appears on your Dashboard.

Scroll Down in the 'Set Web Address' page, and you will have the option of Add Domain below. Click on 'Add Domain'

After clicking on 'Add Domain', you will get a popup message from the domain service. In that case, the park domain should be selectively selected. Click on the Next button to select it.

Then enter your domain name. You registered it at Already 'freenom'(www.yoursitename.tk). Click on the 'Park Domain' button After clicking on 'Park Domain'. Your domain is now parked.

Once your domain is parked,log into your freenom account,Click on 'Services' in your 'FreeNom' account home screen,After clicking the Services tab, select 'My Domain' on it.All of your domains are in the management section of My Domain

Once you have entered the 'My Domain' section, all your domain will be listed there. Select your domain in the list of your domain. Now yours will be a 'single' domain. Click on 'Manage domain',

If your 'domain management' section is open, click on 'Management Tools' tab and click on it. 'Name Server' should be selected in 'Management Tools'

We'll be need to update the '000webhost' nameserver. I've listed the 'nameserver' below here and you can update it there, See how, 'name Server' is open. There is an old nameserver. Click 'use Custom Name Server'. Fill out the servers I listed below. here's custom servers- name server 01= ns01.000webhost.com  name server 02= ns02.000webhost.com

Once the nameservers are filled, click 'Change My Name Server. Nameservers are now updated. Wait 15 to 20 minutes until name servers are connected in ''. Now you have to go back to '000webhost'. Login your account, login, and then go to your Domains list (in 'Set Website Address'). Click on 'Manage' in the 1st one on your domain list. Click 'Link Website' in 'Management'

New popup is Come on..Click on 'Connect' in it,But please do not check in 'i Want to Use subdomain'

Now your website is ready to display but 'WordPress' must be installed. See How To Install 'WordPress' Step by Step Below, In your '000webhosthome screen there is a tab called 'Build Website'. Just click on it. On the 'Build Website' page,, install 'Build WordPress Website' below

Now you to have manage very carefully. Because of the filling details you will be able to login to your website admin panel.Your username is when you login to your admin panel. Password is the password that logs to the website, URL means What is URL of your website URL?.. You should definitely select the www.yoursitename.tk,see the image shown.Do not change what language is selected on.Then click on the Install button

Now the 'WordPress' software is being installed on your website,That's how you can see in the image

If the 'WordPress' software is installed t hen the website will be ready to configured,That means your website is now ready.You can open another window of your website. WordPress's default theme is installed. Click on the 'Go to configuration Page' below

Once you click on it, your website admin login page will open in the new window. You must make a Use of such matters as you did when installing wordpress.Enter the username and password.You have to log in again, which means you have to copy the above url. This is your url www.yoursitename.tk/wp-admin/ 

Login then customize what you think of a website and customize it. I suggest you to use the Colourmag theme to make your website good looking. There are all wedgets available to place your ads on your theme. Create a Film Nichhe Website,So it does more of Visitors.We do not have insert AdSense code on our website.that's why You can use any niche, which often lot of traffic. What I say is that the film niche is often high  traffic.Look at how to make  money from the film niche website below

  1. make money from film niche website- There are lots of adsense alternatives on the Internet, and you can make money from the Film Niche website.you will not have to wait for a website approval.You can insert an ad code into your website within 5 minutes.Create an account, just insert the ad code.Before selecting an ad network, can we trust that ad network?Need to look at it,i'll tell you about the ad network I believe in.revenuehits An ad network, you can trust it. There is no need to wait to approve a website. it's a instant approval ad network.

Sign up with your website. start inserting ads on your sites. First you have to write the article of the hero who has a lot of fan, share it on the popular Facebook groups. Do not insert the ad's 1week. insert an ad after one or two weeks.write article every day and share it on Facebook Group and share a single article 2 to 3 times in single facebook group. After the first week, start inserting ad codes into article and sidebar. Below is an image of my website traffic, which is 500+ people visits in 4 days. I would like to insert after a week.here's my site www.filmkannada.tk, There are all the links to sign up at the bottom of the image, (screenshot time-01:34AM)

Click and start earning,sign up for freenomsignup for 000webhostsignup for revenuehitsAll of this is how you can "create free wordpress website and make money without adsense"  i hope you guys,enjoyed this article. don't search again for "how to make money online" thanks for spending time reading my article. be part of us sharing this article to your friend's​.

If you want to add more comments to the article or you see any thing incorrect please write a comment below and we will surely get back to you.

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