There are three basic hair removal methods known to everyone. They are the laser, very effective but very expensive, the wax, quite painful and the blade. There are also depilatory creams available for hair removal. But, they are not used as much because they are a little bit burdensome. Many people do not have money or do not want to spend so much money on shaving or want to suffer. 

Many people do not want so much pain when shaving. For them, the only option left is to shave with a razor. Shaving the hair is very easy. But it causes the hair to grow faster and harder. There are many people who decide to avoid shaving. It is because they do not have to be doing it every other day. But in this article I wish to suggest the solution. 

With these 5 tips, your face will stay smooth much longer:

1.    Dip the blade in hot water before shaving:
This will make it slide much better and the shaving will be more accurate and effective. In this way, hair growth will also be delayed.

2.    Change the blade regularly:
Many people forget how important it is to change the blade regularly. They only wonder why their skin is rough after shaving. 

3.    Use oil instead of foam or cream to shave:
The foam or cream creates a small barrier between the skin and the blade that causes the hair not to be shaved by the roots. If you use oil, this barrier will not exist, the blade will slide smoothly through the skin and you can cut the hair at a deeper point. This way you will not have to shave so often. 

4.    Wash your skin well before hair removal:

This will remove any dead skin and make the blade slide more easily, thus achieving a deeper shave. In addition, it also prevents hairs from festering.

5. Take a hot shower before shaving:

This way you will make the pores open so you can shave the hair from the root.

After shaving, moisturize your skin with some good moisturizer or some quality essential oil. 

If you want to add more comments to the article or you see any thing incorrect please write a comment below and we will surely get back to you.

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