For a skin that is radiant, and blooming like a flower, one needs to follow a strict skin regime. Give skin the time that it deserves and the attention it craves. Skin care cannot happen in a day, nor will the results come in one try. Just like brushing your teeth makes it free of decay, skin also needs a routine cleanliness to help it keep its true nature, elasticity, beauty, shine and vibrance. Every skin is gifted to look nice. 

Here are some home remedies that could be made in sometime and help skin remain healthy. 

Pimples are the major cause of dark spots on the face. And dark spots don't go away easily. Pimples are caused by bacteria and dirt. Sleeping on a pillow that is not fresh, going out and not caring for the skin after coming back, eating excessive amount of oily food, or simply not keeping the skin clean causes breakouts. They are not easy to heal. So always remember to wash your face before going out and after coming back because pollution in the air causes germs to enter the skin. Without a clear skin, the skin will not look flawless so first step is to clean the pimples and spots. Beetroot juice is said to help in clearing dark spots. And lemon is a natural agent in reducing the darkness. You can mix both of them together in a bowl and apply on your face, keep for 1 hour and wash off. Then apply a mild moisturiser. 

Find an ayurvedic cream that has soothing effects on skin and try it, depending on your choice. 

Cucumber should be used for soothing the skin. 

Ice packs reduces the pore size and so it helps to reduce chances of pimple appearing.

A flawless and radiant skin is nothing without a relaxed pair of eyes. So eyes should be taken great care of. They are delicate and need to be washed with fresh cool water to bring out the dust etc. Also to remove dark circles, one should put thin pieces of cucumber on eyes to cool them for some 30 minutes a day. And also not keep the eye constantly open for long duration. Keep blinking, so that the eyes don't get dried up and exhausted.

Choose a good face wash. They clean up the skin and prevent breakouts.

Let the skin breathe. Remove makeup before sleeping.

Oranges are said to help skin feel and look radiant like the Sun. So peel them and take juice out of them in a small bowl and apply it on the areas you want lightened.

Go for milk. Milk is said to help the skin to remain soft, supple. Raw milk is best. 

Refrain from negative self talk, negative emotions because they directly affect your face and skin making it dull. 

Eat healthy. Check for foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Choose health over taste and it will show on the skin.

Note : If you are allergic to any of the items mentioned above, kindly do not try the remedies. 

If you want to add more comments to the article or you see any thing incorrect please write a comment below and we will surely get back to you.

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