Luxury Bath Ideas

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Luxury baths are a place where homeowners can retreat, go on a miniature vacation and escape the world. Luxury bathrooms as a whole exceed the imagination with spa showers, smart toilets, waterproof TVs and heated floors. If you can think of a luxury bath idea, someone can make that inspiration into a reality.


Waterfalls in Your Bath

Not only do modern baths give you a relaxing massage to soothe aching muscles with water jets, but they also now feature overhead faucets that pour sheets of water, mimicking a waterfall. Consider adding a waterfall to your bath if you find the sound of splashing water soothing.

Freestanding Baths

If all you really want to do soak and relax, consider a freestanding tub. These baths take up less space than whirlpool tubs and Jacuzzis but are deep enough to soak your whole body and long enough to not have to bend your knees. Some luxury freestanding baths even have a clip at one end that supports a bather's head and neck so they do not need to use a bath pillow or towel, and others offer a waterproof HDTV at the foot of the tub.

High-Tech Baths

If you need to multitask in a tub, purchase one that has a radio, MP3 and Bluetooth capabilities, speakers, a clock and a hydro-massage. If this is not enough, tell your designer to create a waterfall to trickle water from your ceiling, and add a champagne cooler.

A Personal Cocoon

A cocoon-like bath is like a spa package in your own home. Its features include a whirlpool, an infrared sauna, steam sauna, a hydro-massage and an air-bubble massage. To use the sauna functions, simply lower the bath's lid and steam away.

A Sci-Fi Tub

If your imagination is a little out of this world, that's okay-there is a tub for that. Add two different faucets to pour water into the bath so it does not take long for a saucer-shaped tub to fill. Wash your suds away with a rain-creating shower head as you laze around in the soft LED lights that glow from it.

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