Having your own set of lips that look pink without any lipstick or color is a mental luxury. It gives us comfort and it is also said to benefit your self confidence. Pink lips are also a sign of good health though I don't know if that has any truth to it. But sure the face can look a thousand times better with naturally strawberry colored lips, it would be such a priceless possession, but it won't come instantly. There is a routine to getting there.

You don't need to stop applying lipstick altogether if you've heard that lipsticks darken your lip area also the remedy here is simple to follow for the doer.


1. Rub the remains of insides of the lemon peel over your lip area for 10 minutes and massage it over and over, now let it sit and dry for half an hour. Gradually your lips will begin taking up a natural pink shade with regular usage.

2. Do lip exercises like pouting to make it appear fuller. It's noticed that regular pouting and similar lip exercises help make your lips appear fuller than before.

3. Use Nivea creme that comes in a blue round container on your lips before the application of lipstick. It will reduce the harmful effects of chemicals in lipstick and help protect your lips.

4. Rub cucumber over your lips. They also work as a soothing agent and helps to lighten the area.

5. Use beetroot, it's a natural tint. 

Since the lip skin is three times more sensitive than any other area of your body it should be taken care of a bit more and using this remedy also gives your lips a pink glow. It's very healthy and mostly has no side effects because it's natural. Most women are happy using this as they don't have to worry about the damage and regular usage makes your lips naturally pink, it has such great benefits. It's a gem of a home remedy.

And that's all you will need to do in order to get a much healthier strawberry pink lips. It takes time and effort but the results are worth it.

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