After selling everything online, if you are left with your hair, you can now sell it too. (Pun intended) Well there are websites where people go to sell their own hair. They get paid a hefty sum because they're selling their precious possession. You'll find calculators that will evaluate how much money you may be paid for your hair length and the way you have kept it.
It is a readily growing trend nowadays. Putting your beautiful hair up for auction or on sale is becoming an easy way to make money.
The length that can be sold varies from short to long. If you do not know what is a virgin hair and a non virgin hair, then you will need to know that before you can move towards it.

Virgin hair is the hair that has not been touched up, as its not artificially styled or touched by hot iron or been bleached or dyed. So this kind of hair gets sold at a higher value than the hair which is not virgin. But sometimes it depends on the buyers and their preference. People love hair whether it's theirs, or others, so people who need it, go and buy it from real hair stores and the ones who wanna sell their hair sell it to them.
Non virgin hair is the hair which has been flat ironed or dyed within a short period of selling. If your hair has been ironed or dyed but it's been years now and your natural hair has grown than that hair will be considered virgin. And yes the more hair is sold, the more the length, the more the money. 

Now I am assuming that people would definitely want to grow their hair and keep it perfect and virgin for the sake of selling it at an attractive price because it's quite interesting. Really, times are changing.
There are so many people who lose their hair. The increasing amount of pollution, stress, low nutrition all contribute to low hair growth so these businesses are emerging. It benefits both the buyer and the seller. So we could buy any kind of hair we desire. It's very fascinating.

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