This remedy gives you oil free and glowing skin

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Does your skin becomes dull, dark and oily with the time? Have you lost your glow due to pollution? Are you tired of using harsh chemicals on your face? 

May be you have tried lots of remedies and cosmetic, creams etc but nothing worked. So give one chance to this facepack. It is 100% natural and definitely show you some results without harming your skin. That miraculous pack is Mutani mitti (fulle's earth) powder.​

Things you need:

  • Fuller's earth powder 
  • 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder 
  • Lemon 
  • Rose water 

How to prepare this?

First take some fuller's earth powder in a bowl, depending on your face size. Now add 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Now add few drops of lemon juice. Now add rose water to make a fine paste. If you have dry skin then no need to add lemon juice, just add rose water. Mix all the ingredients well and make a good paste.

How to apply?

Before applying the facepack, wash your face with warm water. Then make your face dry. Now apply this facepack on your face for 15-20 minutes. Avoid eye and lips area. Once it become dry, wash with cold water. Apply this pack once in a week for good results.


Multani mitti and turmeric both are used since ancient times for glowing skin. Both have antibacterial properties. Multani mitti also has cooling properties. Lemon contains vitamin C which is very good for removing dark spots. Regular use of this pack reduce pimples marks and redness. This facepack remove oil effectively and make your skin glowing and healthy. Because it absorbs the extra oil from the skin, it helps to rejuvenate your skin and cleans the skin deeply. The paste should be as much thick that it can stay on your face. 

Note that if you feel dryness apply little moisturizer. And most important thing, avoid movement of your face and speaking otherwise it will create cracks in your pack which can cause wrinkles. Avoid eating too. Both boys and girls can apply this facepack. It is better to apply this pack at night.

Another thing you can do is to drink enough water. Because it's not hidden from us that how much is water important for our body and skin. Water helps to detox our body and clear it from inside. If the toxins get stored in our body, it will come out on skin as skin problems.

It is a very simple and effective facepack. All the ingredients is easily available in the market, so try this facepack for a month and see the results by yourself.

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