This recipe is going to make your taste buds feel fuller. Follow the given steps to create a memorable experience. Jackfruit is a specially designed fruit with a hard shell. 


1. Tomato finely chopped and grinded in the grinder with a little water

2. Salt, black pepper powder

3. Dalchini powder

4. Onion grinded

5. Refined oil

6. Red chilli powder

7. Jackfruit

Nicely cut it into pieces and boil them so they become a bit soft. You should do this in a pressure cooker by adding water and letting the cooker whistle blower for 4-5 times or as required. Or if you do not wish to boil the jackfruit then you also have an option of frying the jackfruit in a pan for it to get soft. For this, you will need to add some oil in a pan and fry the jackfruit by adding some water in it and keeping it there for 15-20 minutes or as required.

8. Ginger and garlic

Grind them together. Ginger will be needed just 1 inch or less. Take 6-7 pieces of garlic.

9. Cardamom, also known as elaichi in Hindi

10. Dhaniya

11. Water

12. Cumin seeds

13. Hing (asfoetida)

14. Oil

PREPARATION (How to make):

1. Heat a pan over the gas and put refined oil in it.

2. Add cumin seeds and hing.

3. Let the cumin seeds get darker in colour. 

4. Now add in the grinded onion and ginger garlic paste. Then, add tomatoes. 

5. Add salt to taste, 1 teaspoon red chilli powder and let it cook for 10 minutes on low flame. 

6. Now add in the boiled jackfruit and let it stay at a low flame, adding black pepper powder and elaichi.

7. Now add dalchini powder. 

8. Add one cup of water. Let it cook for as long as the jackfruit isn't fully cooked (30 minutes) make sure the gravy is nice and that it doesn't turn dry. 

9. Now add dhaniya leaves in it and serve. 

Everyone will love this recipe. You can make it for anyone. It can be accompanied with rice or chapatis. 

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