250 gm Edible Gum

250 gm Ghee

300 gm Jaggery

125 gm Cashew

125 gm Almonds

100 gm dessicated coconut or dry grated coconut

25 gm dry ginger powder

25 gm Poppy seeds

25 gm Peepramul Powder


  • Heat ghee in a pan. 
  • Fry the edible gum a little at a time.  
  • After frying the gum, cool it and then grind it in the mixer.  
  • Grind the cashews and the almonds separately.   
  • Add the remaining ghee in the same pan and heat it. 
  • Put all the jaggery and melt it in ghee.  
  • Lower the flame and add the edible gum, cashews, almonds, poppy seeds, dry grated coconut, dry ginger powder and peepramul powder.  
  • Mix all the ingredients nicely. Put off the flame. Let the mixture cool for some time.  
  • After about ten minutes take a little mixture in your hand and make laddoos. Continue till all the ladoos are ready.  
  • These can be stored in an air tight container and have one or two everyday.  

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