Are you a great foodie? Do you like to check out new recipes  that can be easily made by using some ingredients available at home? Then here is an Indian recipe that is simple and easy to make- Makhani tomato paneer. This is a delicious paneer makhani recipe. The flavors of this dish is more home style and its not a restaurant style recipe. 


1.) Tomatoes-1/2 kg chopped,  

2.) Cloves- 4 cloves           

3.) Butter -1/4 cups, 

4.) Sugar- 1 and a half teaspoon,

5.) Salt,

6.) Red chillies-1/2 teaspoon,               

7.) Hot masala- 1/2 teaspoon,

8.) Few chopped coriander leaves,                     

9.) Paneer-200 g chopped into small cubes,

10.) Water-2 and a half cups     

11.) Ginger paste

Preparation time- 15 minutes

Cooking time- 30 minutes


1.) Cook tomatoes, cloves, and 2 and a half cups of water. 

2.) Blend and strain them to get a thick tomato puree.

3.) Mix sugar, salt, red chilli powder, butter and ginger with tomato puree. 

4.) Cook for 5-7 minutes on low flame. 

5.) Add pieces of chopped paneer, hot masala and coriander leaves.

6.) Cook for few minutes and after some time your makhani tomato paneer will be ready. 

Hope this recipe is appealing for all of you.

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