Food is necessary for health but good food is necessary for a good time. 

This recipe will make delicious Bread Pizza for you, when you are hungry, are at home and want to make something interesting. The best part is that it can be made without an oven which makes it all the most likeable. Bread is something that every body likes and eats and if made into a pizza can taste just amazing. Bread is also available at most households so also save the trouble to go to the grocery store.

The preparation of bread pizza can take a small amount of time and you will get delicious pizza ready to eat.


Ingredients - 

Chopped capsicums, onion, cheese, olives, salt, pepper, mint leaves 

You can add any pizza toppings that you have with yourself, you can switch the above toppings with your favourite ones.

Method -

1. Put a pan over the gas stove and heat it.

2. Add some oil over the heated pan so that you can ensure the vegetables that you cook are heated properly and become soft.

3. Add chopped onion, capsicums, all the vegetables and then add a bit of salt.

4. When the vegetable mixture is ready and cooked, put it in a separate container.

5. Lay the bread on the pan and add some butter. Let the bread get warm and cooked up. But not too much. 

6. Take out the bread and add pizza sauce on the top and add the mixture of capsicum and onion that you have cooked over the gas and spread it well on the bread.

7. Spread some cheese on it. It can be any cheese that you have and grate it on the bread and the vegetable mixture.

8. Add oregano for taste.

Let the bread sit on the pan for sometime on a low flame and cover it with a lid. This way the cheese can get time to melt.

When it's done you can enjoy this delicious fast home made recipe. If you order something from the outside it costs a lot more than making it at home. It's also hygienic and made in front of your eyes, no added preservatives and good for health too. So go ahead and try this.

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