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How to Make a Wooden Doll Hammock

How to Make a Wooden Doll Hammock It is easy to create a personalized and attractive wrist hammock to store and organize your dolls. Let the hammock look realistic using a combination of wood and nylon nets. The dolls are not too heavy, but the counterweights should be placed at the base of the hammock to support the weight of the wrists. If you are storing more than one doll in the hammock, add extra weight to the base. Things you need • 2-inch plywood plate • Hand saw...

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How to Make a Doll's Coat Rack

How to Make a Doll's Coat Rack Whether you're making doll clothes or a new dollhouse accessory, you can make a doll's coat rack relatively easy. A miniature coat rack can hold doll clothes to keep them in a central location. Unlike a life-sized coat rack, you do not have to be a carpenter or have power tools to make one. With items found in your home, you can create a realistic coat rack for a doll. Things you need • Cardboard or fine wood • Rule • Pencil Instructions...

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