Building Credibility as a Speaker

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The most escaped part in one's life is speaking in the public. No matter how much you try, you would not be able to love it from inside until and unless you excel in this field. The situation becomes worse when you are suddenly asked to address a speech on a topic you have no idea at all. It is a matter of only few seconds when your legs will start shaking and your voice will tremble. Most of the students try to escape from the extempore speeches held in school.
The only thing that will solve these problems is trying to build credibility as a speaker from your elementary school inwards. Just follow these simple steps and it will definitely help you.

1. Have strong command of language

The main problem while delivering a speech is that one is not able to express their views due to less command of the language. It starts to become depressing when you have so many good points to speak on but you are not able to do so because you can't decide which will be the most appropriate word to use and as a result you get stuck. Having less command of a language will make one stutter in between a speech which makes a speech unnecessarily long and boring. Therefore it is really important that you should have a strong command of the language in which you are about to speak. This seems difficult and may take time but results will be really fruitful. Stand in front of the mirror and practice speaking fluently thinking the mirror to be audience. Also, it is really important that you practice writing long articles in that language for it will make instant remembering of words more strong. Having a strong command of a language really important.

2. Have a look at your points everytime

It is true that your points make a speech more attractive. Good and interesting points make a speech more attractive, interesting and the audience will love to hear your speech till the end. No matter how much you have collected good points, always see to add more beautiful lines to it. The most interesting part is you will always find something newer every time to add. I bet this will be fascinating. Thus, having good and appropriate points in your speech is a must to build credibility.

3. Keep your audience enthusiastic

Don't make your speech sound boring and too long. Many people do not realize the importance of short and beautiful speeches. It is a pure myth that delivering a long speech is good. Try to keep your speech short (not too short) and to the point. One should try to add some humor in his or her speech to keep the audience enthusiastic. Too much formal speech is not welcomed by many.

4. Keep yourself motivated

It is not good to overthink that no one likes your speech. One cannot definitely make out by seeing the far away faces of the audience. If the speaker lacks enthusiasm and motivation, then the same can happen to the speech he or she is delivering. Therefore it is really important that you keep yourself motivated and enthusiastic the whole time.

Building credibility as a speaker may seem difficult at first, but once we are able to do that, it will prove to be more fruitful than we can imagine. Also, not to deny the fact that we will feel encouraged and motivated once we get praised for our work. Good speeches have the power to attract people and so is beautifully delivering it. The clapping of hands and the smile in the faces gives an inner joy really not expressible.

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